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  1. FYI, most Girl Scout troops are not sponsored by churches or any any other organization. They simply belong to their local council. Unfortunately with the consolidation of councils, many troops have been left with no local support and are completely on their own,especially those in rural areas. In my own town, we used to have a Girl Scout store here as well as local training. Now the nearest facilities are 3 hours away and there is no local training at all. Frontier Girls troops are individually owned and operated, but the main organization provides a ton of support via email and phon
  2. Just a quick note on Frontier Girls. First, the 1200 badges offered are for individual badges, but the actual written requirements are several hundred less. This is because many of the badges they offer use general requirements. For example, a girl can earn the piano badge, violin badge, flute badge, etc. all by using a single set of requirements under "musical instruments" and adapting them to each individual instrument. Other similar badge requirements are things like foreign language, where a girl can earn an individual badge for each different foreign language that she learns; sports f
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