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  1. thanks for the quick response. He had the normal leaders esential, but also had atteneded woodbadge and was just finishing up his required time. The other assistant scoutmasters have delicately advised him that many parents have contacted them, and expressed concerns about the direction of the troop and the lack of respect that the scouts have shown and expressed. Again he has said that in the long run it will work out for the best and we may have some losses along the way. This is not exceptable to the unit or the committee. Yes he will be at the meeting and yes they are hoping that it w
  2. First off, some info. In May of 2005, our scoutmaster of 6 years decided to step down, as his son had earned Eagle Rank and he decided to give more of his time to his family. One of our Assistant Scoutmasters that had transferred from another troop 6 months earlier volunteered to take over as scoutmaster. As there were not any others looking to take the position and he was trained, the committee and the sponsors agreed to except him in this position. With new people comes new ideas. He had some things that he wanted to see done differently, and as they seemed to be promoting more boy
  3. Secod case, exact secnario. Thanks again, Eagle96
  4. Thanks OGE. that's the way I read it also. In the 2004 requiement book it does state that they had to serve in a leadership position, but as I said they all did that. This subject came up at a recent council Eagle BOR, when I expressed a concern, the Chairman said that if someone from the troop brings up a concern regarding the scouts attendence that they have to consider it. Think maybe they are reading too much into it also? Thanks Eagle96
  5. Like many troops, our troop is divided up into many age groups. Our question refers to the older scouts. We have many 15-17 year old scouts that have been with the troop for 4-6 years. At least 5 of them received their Life Scout rank more than a year ago. They were active in the troop for quite awhile after that , but now are more into their jobs, after school activities and sports. They still come to some meetings and attend some outings, but after years of scouting, they have other options for their time. Our questions comes in, they all fulfilled the tenure requirement which states
  6. i am looking for the electronic eagle scout form for e-mailing information on your eagle scout project. i have seen ir sent with partial info back and forth, for the purpose of corrections to eliminate multiple times for apporval. our troop is 30 miles away from the approval committee and want to keep these trips to a minimum. thanks eagle96
  7. have many life scouts getting ready to work on their eagle projects. as preapproval is necessary, they are getting their paperwork started. but our approval board only meets once a month and is quite a distance away. the boards head has suggested that we use the electronic form to send the information to him for inspection, and suggestions ahead of time. thus eliminating some of the trips spent getting the project approved. does anyone know how to find this form? thanks eagle96
  8. looking for the past requirements for the swimming merit badge. i have a scout that has a partial from scout camp in 1999. i don't seem to have the book to find out what finished requirements transfer to the newest book. any suggestions on where to look/ thanks
  9. i am new to this forum. and have a question that i'm sure that has been discussed many times but::: we have a local couple that makes too much money per year and they donate to local charities for tax purposes and to help the community. they have become aquainted with our troop and would like to help out our troop financially and help with the boys going to summer camp. can i accept a donation to the troop and give them a receipt or do they have to donate to the council, in which case can they specify where the money is to be used?? i will check back for answers, thanks for any and all inp
  10. as a scoutmaster, i have to agree with bob white. we had a bully problem in our troop, and had the unusual situation of the boy having no living parents. his grandparents had their handsfull already and had enrolled him in scouting for the scouting principles. but with multiple incidences of bullying, i went to our committee and explained the ongoing problem. they, after talking to a representative of our sponsoring organization, talked to the grandparents. unfortunately they pulled their scout from the troop, but we did set policy on how we were going to handle ongoing problems in the fut
  11. thanks for the thoughts thus far, benny having never been associated with hostels before, the idea sounds just like what we're looking for. any ideas on how to get information?
  12. we will be returning to the science and industry, ahe planitarium and are looking to ride the subway or el train. so we would like to stay near the lakeshore area
  13. looking for info on staying overnight with my troop in chicago on march 22. a ymca, a church gym, any suggestions. approximately 16 participants. please respond here or e-mail me at jjshoe43@hotmail.com
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