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  1. Let's say my son is wanting to work on his Personal Management merit badge. There is no MBC for that in our troop but there is one for photography, can that MBC sign off on things completed or only a MBC for Personal Maganement? I hope that made sense!
  2. Is it true that a parent has to be a MBC in order to help their son with a merit badge? What about others in the troop who help them earn a merit badge but aren't listed on the council's site as a councelor? How are they able to do this? Example: We have a nurse in our troop helping the boys earn a merit badge pertaining to health. However, she isn't a MBC. How is she able to do this? Thanks.
  3. Does the badge adhesive really work? How does it hold up to washings?
  4. Quallofil Minus 5 Degree Mummy Bag I found it at Amazon for around $50. Does it really work in 0 weather? Does your child keep warm? My son just crossed over to Boy Scouts and needs to get a 0 sleeping bag. It gets really cold here on winter nights and they do a lot of winter-time camping. The down side is I can't afford to spend a lot on one. Is the above bag a good one? If not, does anybody have any recomendations? Thanks!
  5. If a boy has been in scouting from Tigers through Webelos 2 with perfect attendance each year, should he have 4 or 5 perfect attendance bars attached to his perfect attendance pin? I am thinking each rank (T, B, W, W1 and W2) would be a year? Also, for the service stars....again, if the boy has been in scouting from Tigers to Webelos 2, how many stars should he have and what year number should be on each star? Thanks!
  6. I like your arrow idea. The boys would love it. After searching foreve I found the Super Achiever award which is for Webelos scouts that earn all 20 activity pins before their Arrow of Light ceremony. Thanks!
  7. Is there a special "award" for Webelos who earn all 20 of their pins? There are only 2 boys in our den who achieved this and we'd like to do something special for them. Thanks!
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