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    committee chair question

    Show what your made of now. Don't shadow, but let the committee see you are your own person with your own mind. Hold the current committee chair person with high reguard, but train and be heard ASAP.
  2. iwannaBaCubscout

    Leader not doing their job!

    I am the committee chair person. Our committe reviews and elects leaders/committe members once a year in may. So what do I do if the Cubmaster is failing now? Failing How? 1. not following through 2. canceling den meetings 3. always making excuses 4. not helping with fund raising 5. not attending leaders meetings 6. Alwayas late Shall I go on? I am so very frustrated! This person has no assistant Den Leader in place to take over their den. It's almost like they're trying to sabotage our pack. How would you handle this?