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  1. Thanks for your responses. I'm looking for film of Scouts from 1964 and earlier. I left a message at the Jambo office of the National Office in Texas, so maybe.... But if you have old film, be it black and white or early color, I'd love to copy it to a CD. I'm compulsively careful :
  2. I'm putting together a video for an Eagle Court. I'd like to use old 16 mm. film from Jamborees and such, created by the BSA @ the National level. I know they exist. Our district (Evergreen) actually threw out these old films. Unbelievable. Anyone know of a source? I will pay postage, convert them to CD's, and return the film and a copy of the CD to that district. Leslie
  3. I'm interpreting the election results to mean that people are TIRED of the "entitlement" mentality of "Wah Wah Wah, poor us! We want to join Scouts, who recognize 'Duty to God' but Wah Wah Wah we don't believe in God and Wah Wah Wah we don't want to be kicked out because it's not Fair. The Liberal ACLU Wah Wah Wah entitlement/weird agendas & diversity-before-sanity-agenda just got a royal kick in the behind. Thank God. And guess who will be appointing judges to decide all these ACLU cases? Fasten your seatbelts, guys. It's gonna get good.
  4. Well, guys, we can't debate this hostile agenda of a non-scout forever, huh? Tonight, I'm going to a Scout meeting with my husband and son. I'll see 80 young boys who need and want guidence in this M&M/MTV world. We'll say "Under God." We'll plan our annual Turkey Cookout in the woods by the ocean. There will be 200 of us, with dozens of little guys coming along who want to be Scouts just like their big brothers. The ACLU can't hurt us, Thank GOD. Money and Federal cash aren't what makes us tick. Leslie
  5. Merlyn, you sound so unhappy. I'm going to pray for you tonight. Leslie
  6. Who said, "Most troop leaders care more about the letter of the law and care nothing for the boys."? Huh? What a statement. Sure hasn't been my experience. That's A LOT of baggage there, buddy. My other point. I'm so weary of the ACLU and moral relativism and the "nothing is wrong, everything is OK and if you don't agree with this view, you are discriminating." junk. Enough. One of the reasons I've left the Left is the hypocrisy. Why is it that the ACLU protects every possible point of view except traditional American values? They hate traditional American values. But the loathi
  7. Why join an organization that wants to be about religion and the outdoors and leadership, swear to uphold the values, grab the highest honor, and then say, "Guess what. I lied. I don't believe in anything." The Boy Scouts have the right to assemble, to define core beliefs, and to ask that people who join share their beliefs. It's like joining the Catholic Church, then starting an abortion clinic, then crying "not fair" if the local parish called you on it. Or: It's like being elected President. Then saying, "Oh, by the way. I don't really believe in the constitution. I'm a communist
  8. Oh That song! It's beautiful. We used it for the 8th grade video 2 years ago. So cute, so sentimental. Leslie
  9. OK, I went to Teton and there is one song listed. Is this what you guys meant,or am I missing something? My wish is that there would be a CD with 20 scout songs. I'd settle for 5. Leslie (Course, he wants "popular" music. yuk) Leslie
  10. Thanks for your help. Teton, here I come. Leslie
  11. I need help! I'm planning an Eagle COH and making a video to show during the program. I want Scout music for the video. Vespers, Scouting Thunder, etc. But I can't find anything except one Sousa song from 1916 and one Burl Ives song. Anybody able to shed some light on this? My local Scout office referred me to Scoutstuff, with no results. Is Scout music AN ORAL HISTORY?? Leslie
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