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  1. This is our pack's first year (started in October) and we are quite small. We have two tigers and four wolves and thats it. Its a struggle because it seems like so much of the scouting stuff is geared towards larger groups. Anyone have a small-ish pack? Wanna share any tips with me to help make it more successful? Is there any secret that I need to know?
  2. My name is Jenny and I am the CC for a first-year pack in Loveland, Colorad. We are very small (2 Tigers and 4 Wolves). My husband is the Wolf Pack DL and our son is a wolf cub. While this has been a really fun and rewarding journey thus far, it has also been EXHAUSTING! There are so many different facets of scouting and I feel like I've only just begun to touch the surface of it all! I look forward to getting to know everyone in here and learning a lot of new information.
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