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  1. We're required to wear full Class A for flag every morning, dinner, and for camp fire. Not to mention the 9 hour trip to the camp itself. Since it is Camp "Rainey" Mountain, there will be plenty of mud. I'll probably have to wash my uniform at least once.
  2. The great thing about CRM is the scenery change. Sand and palm trees get old very fast here. They also have a fireworks show on the 4th of July, when I'll be there. Anyone going there next week look for Troop 446, I'll be wearing an overseas hat, sun glasses, and I'll be yelling a lot to get my troop motivated
  3. Sturgen, thank you for the idea. I'm glad I'm the acting SPL
  4. Have you ever been to Camp Rainey Mountain? I went there in 2003 and I will be returning there on July 2nd.
  5. I'll bring my own coffee to summer camp. Cafe de Monde coffee > all.
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