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    Eagle Scout or not?

    Interesting topic. Ultimately, if this scout continues to apply himself, and completes the rest of his requirements, I would bet money he will be awarded his Eagle. Now how long it takes is a different manner. The troop can tell him that they will not approve him sitting before a EBOR for 12 months. The EBOR can tell him that thank you very much for appearing before us, but we want to see more and ask him to return in 6 months. Ultimately, if turned down, he will or should appeal. If he is a good kid and i suspect he is, just made a serious mistake, he will be recognized for his scout spirit and leadership rather than for his mistake. Having sat on a council EBOR appeal for a scout in a very similar situation, we ultimately overturned the local EBOR and approved the Eagle award for a scout who was by then almost 2 years removed from his mistake.