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  1. Hi all I'm an Australian Group Leader who has just joined the forum. Without daring to try to tell you how you should do things, let me just tell you what happens here. Bringing girls into Scouting began here with our Rover Scout Section (18-25 year olds) 35 years ago and has been part of all levels of Scouting now for about 15 years. So far as I can see it has been totally successful. No-one inside Scouting questions the change now. Sometimes I still encounter outsiders who ask with surprise "Oh, you have girls in Scouts now?" but it almost always evokes a positive reaction. I
  2. Hello all. Just discovered this site and thought I'd join in too. It's great to see a forum dedicated to Scouting. I'm Group Leader of the Mooroolbark Scout Group on the outer eastern edge of Melbourne, Australia. Are there many other Australians involved in the forum? I've just got home from our aluminium can collection cage which we run as a fund raising activity, and as a promotional billboard in the centre of town because our Scout Hall is tucked away out of sight in the back blocks of our town. Hoping I might get to the snow tomorrow for some cross country skiing. Despite t
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