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  1. Thanks for all the input, I really appreciate it. To throw another twist on this what if the boy wanted to move to the JASM position? He's held the SPL position thru a transition of two SM's and is now ready to move on? Opinions on handling this? He still wants to be active in the troop just not responsible for weekly meetings anymore.
  2. I guess I don't understand your opinion of this being a penalty. It has always been viewed by the scouts as a traditional promotion and used as a reward and opportunity to for younger scouts to move scouts into more leadership roles. I'm not sure that it's correct to say that the SPL appoints a JASM, I believe this is the SM's role. "The Junior Assistant Scoutmaster serves in the capacity of an Assistant Scoutmaster except where legal age and maturity are required. He must be at least 16 years old and not yet 18. He's appointed by the Scoutmaster because of his leadership ability."
  3. Our troop traditionally has this type of progression with youth leadership. If an SPL becomes an Eagle Scout, he is then move to the position of JASM and the ASPL becomes SPL for the remander of the time until the next election. Is there any "standard" BSA policy regarding this or is it up to the decision of the Scoutmaster? or does it really fall back to the PLC? Just looking for some guidance/ideas to head of any potential parental problems. Thanks
  4. The scout is 16 and my situation will play out as you mentioned. In our troop, we reserve the JASM position to active scouts who have obtained the eagle rank. He should be finished his Eagle in the spring. When the next election comes up he will become a JASM with the SPL spot opening to a different scout.
  5. Anyone else get email from the above? Got one today about free web hosting and email to first 100 units who register. Are they on the up & up? Is there a catch?
  6. Thanks all for the comments/suggestions! Well here is how it all shook out. Last night was to be our troop elections. Prior to the election, I had the present SPL call for a PLC. All of us went into the meeting, myself and my son included. I stayed only long enough to present the following. It was my suggestion that before the election they come up with what they wanted as to term limits, election rules, qualifications for positions etc. I told them in light of everyone filling out what positions they would like a former SPL wanted to run for the position again. I also told them it was
  7. Thanks for your replys, good suggestions. The thing that complicates this one is that the "former" SPL is also the my son and I am scoutmaster. Several of the scouts on the PLC are also interested in the position. I just don't want it to appear that I was influential in "allowing" him to run again. The PLC decision would be a good one in that it would assure the troop and the parents that it was the troops decision and not the leaders decision as to how they wanted the troop to run. I've been having a little struggle getting this group to take responsibility for their program (former scou
  8. I have an interesting situation, last week I had the scouts fill out a form for what position they would like to be considered for and why. I will then use this info to have them hold their election. My situation is this. I have a former SPL, (not the current SPL) who would like to be SPL again. There are a few others who want to run for the position also. I'd like opinions as to 1) have you had this experience before. 2) how did you handle, offer a different spot, let him run and see how the vote goes? This scout has strong leadership qualities and also the respect of the rest of the tr
  9. Works great! I did a Power Point Pres. for my sons Eagle. Same as last post, scanned in all pictures, even some pre-scout pictures for fun and added appropriate music times to the pictures and showed using a computer projector. Adds a great piece to the ceremony.
  10. Anyone else having trouble reaching www.usscouts.org? Tried the last two days with no luck. Is the site out of business again? Thanks
  11. Tried to go to today, nothing came up.
  12. Just in case you weren't aware of it, there has been female rangers at Philmont for a long time. I went to Philmont in 1975 and we had a female range and to be honest with you she had more hiking and backpacking skills than any of the youth or adults in our contingent. Sounds like your leader just had a bad experience or maybe just has a problem with seeing a female involved with the BSA. As for the other situation with having to go thru a campsite with girls running around in their underware, I'll just take your word that this happened. I hope it's an isolated incident, because the
  13. Just tried to get onto usscouts.org and nothing came up! Anyone else having a problem reaching the site?
  14. Thank you all for your thoughts and input. I knew I was approaching a subject that would have many reactions. I appreciate your time and the alternative ideas you have offered. YIS
  15. I know this is another common problem - peer pressure regarding scouts. I have a few scouts that are "embarrased" if other kids know they are in scouts. And on the other hand, the majority of my troop has never had a problem with their friends knowing they were scouts, all the way thru high school. I have over the past couple years started marching the troop in our local Memorial Day and Veterans day parades. I have the usual scouts that I can count on show up usually about 1/3 of the troop, an additional 1/3 is in our two local high school marching bands and then I have the last third
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