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  1. In the Nicolet Area Council (later part of Bay-Lakes Council) there was an honor group know as Black Diamond. I do not know much other than the "right of passage" was very intense. It would definetly cause litigation today. Its last Chief is the father of the Camp Director at Bear Paw Scout Camp, Mountain, WI this summer. I will atttempt to gleen some of the details from the older gent before he goes to the "happy hunting ground." He is in his eighties. The Black Diamonds were last seen in 1938. 1939 brought the new Chequah Lodge of the OA. The Chequah Lodge was absorbed into Awase 61 in 1974. When I was a kid in the sixties there were a few old guys running around with the Black Diamond patch on their sleeve. I had no idea what it meant at the time.
  2. Ordeal '69 and Brotherhood '70 in Chequah 194, Nicolet Area Council. Vigil Honor '02 Awase 61 Bay Lakes Council. Kakaki Chapter Ceremonies Advisor.
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