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  1. Its a different Password for the Jumpstart Page
  2. Narraticong its all good i was just really confused
  3. to keep them active you need to let them know that they arent slaves to the camp and show them how much fun you guys really do have. ~Steve
  4. John-in-KC lost the arrow again what do you mean?
  5. its either your not members and just guessing or you just trying to be funny and sorry your wrong too.
  6. yea i'm sorry i'm still not seeing it maybe if you pm me and point it out that would be much appreciated
  7. the only site that has pronunciation would be the jump start website but its not the proper pronunciation
  8. MikeS i do believe my lodge pronounces it correctly and this is told to me from all the ceremonies team members. pm me if you want i can breakit down to how its pronounced
  9. and another thing the jumpstart website pronounces the admonition incorrectly
  10. Narraticong i'm kinda confused on how you say its explained in the lyrics of "Louie, Louie" i dont quite see it sorry...but yes Soxrock524 talk to an arrowman either in your troop or at the next chapter meeting or lodge meeting or if you know who your chapter chief is go ahead pretty much if you know any contact of any officer in your lodge you're good.
  11. i just asked a co-worker from camp staff and he helped me out
  12. Yea i'm in the OA but i dont have a hand book and i wanted to get on the jumstart website
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