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  1. Moxieman: I looked at the list of current threads before I started this one and didn''t see anything on this topic. I''ll go look again and be a bit more tenacious. Thanks for the suggestion! To the rest of you (you, too, Moxieman), thanks for sharing your experiences and recommendations. I''ve invited my fellow ASMs and our QMs to all take a look at your comments. Great food for thought -- THANKS! Dave
  2. Our troop is still in the process of transitioning from being adult-led to being a boy-led, adult-supported unit. Our tents are starting to wear out and the Scouts, through the PLC, have come to the Committee requesting new tents. The Scouts have taken a real liking to backpacking and canoe treks over the past year and/or to at least carrying their gear into a camp area in their backpacks. The tents we have are rather heavy, all things considered, So, the Scouts have requested that we purchase new tents, and they would like to get 2-man backpacking tents rather than more of the heavie
  3. Beavah: This has been another insightful and informative thread! Can you elaborate a bit more about the "lead patrol" concept at campouts and other outdoor activities? Do they decide on the major activities and scheduling for that outing? Or, is that handled at the PLC and the "lead patrol" simply takes responsiblity for insuring that the plan and program occur as intended?
  4. We are just getting started with a Venture patrol for our older Scouts and I've seen reference in several threads to having Scouts in a Venture patrol simultaneously belong to a regular patrol. For those of you successfully using this "dual citizenship" approach I'm curious how you work the patrol duties and patrol breakout time in a troop meeting. Do the Venture patrol scouts only meet and/or server together as such outside of the normal troop meeting time? Or, do these Scouts abandon (sorry, that sounds a bit harsh and isn't meant that way) their regular patrol duties and gathering opportu
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