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  1. Chronological number of pages contained within a Patrol Leader's Handbook: 1933 = 598 pages 1950 = 392 pages 1970 = 216 pages 1992 (Junior Leader Handbook) = 160 2009 = 123 pages (+ 5 pages for notes) It's amazing how little is available for a Scout to know of his duties and POSSIBLITIES as a Patrol Leader by today's Patrol Leader Handbook. Quite frankly you could say the same of "The Scoutmaster Handbook". Today it has 190 pages, in 1941 it came in 2 Volumes at a total of 1142 pages. Something to think about... F.A.S. "Scouts Out!"
  2. IMHO an "Eagle Mill" is a Troop that solely focuses on producing a program that gets a Scout to the rank of Eagle. As mentioned by others in this thread, parents seem to be desperate to get their son's "Eagle Award" block checked for the College application. Many Scouts do the minimum requirements and all activities center around Eagle Projects or whatever it takes to get Eagle. It becomes an individual Race which has virtually eliminated the Patrol Method in a Troop. "Leadership" is NYLT and other programs to be added to the "Resume" and not the practical experience of being an effective
  3. New to this forum and my first post, but not to Scouting. Have been throughly enjoying reading about "how it was done" from some 1930s/1940s Scoutmaster Handbook(s). Saw this quote and will be taking it to our Troop and Troop Committee next month: "...the Troop meetings are leading to the climax of each month: the outdoor adventure. The Troop program consists of outings supported by Troop meetings, rather than of Troop meetings with occasional outings thrown in as supplementary features." - Vol. 2 of the "Handbook for Scoutmasters" page 602 (1945) F.A.S.
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