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  1. Thanks for the responses! I thpught they would probably be this varied. I see the reason about not really talking aboutit, but I don't want him to feel like I don't care about him. I am weary about bringing it to the SM because the kid just didn't want to ask an adult and was actually pretty scared about it (he made me promise not to tell an adult, however, if it had turned out to be something serious I would have.) His dad is pretty open about everything, and is one of those parents to let their kid learn the hard way, so I think tippping him off is a good idea, and I will do that,
  2. First off, this is not a discussion on religion or your beliefs. It's about helping others, so let's not turn this into the religious wars _________________________________________________________________ Ok, so here is the background: I'm a 16 yr old SPL. I had a 12 yr old boy come up to me the other day at a campout, and ask me what it was, if it was right, if I did it, etc. Here's the issue: The Scout felt extrmemly uncomfortable asking it at first, and told me he asked me because he thought I would understand. I'm very open with my Scouts, and they know that. I explained
  3. Here's my take from an SPL's standpoint: Porn is not ok. Not at a meeting, not at an outing, not ok period. If I was to find porn on one of my Scouts, obviously I would take it and gice it to the SM, but I would rather talk to the Scout first before the Scoutmaster talks to him. It's easier to counsel a boy from another boy than an adult where he's just too scared. First, I'd ask why he brought it. Never in Scouts, but I've seen a few boys who have shown porn to friends because they have been labeled or mocked as "gay" and they think that by doing this, it would stop the teasing or the ru
  4. I'm currently an SPL, and this is my view: I would go to the Troop Committee and ask for removal of any form of leadership if the following were to occur repeatidly: 1. Smoking in view of Scouts 2. Cursing in front of a Scout (everyday language and conversation; not "oh s%^t I just hit my thumb with a hammer") 3. Reapeated rudeness, disrespect, or degrading conversation to a Scout. 4. Inappropriate comments (ie: sex jokes, penis size jokes) 5. Dangerous Driving (NOT DUI) 6. Yelling 7. Violation of ANY ONE BSA procedure repeatedly Things I would ask for immediant dismiss
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