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  1. Does anyone know of a way to find pictures of uniforms that are worn around the world of Scouting. Our council does an annual Mom/Son campout, and the theme for this year is scouting around the world, so are looking for different uniforms,customs etc that happen in scouting programs around the world. Thanks for the help
  2. There is only the minimum age that is required for rank advancement for a boy to become an Eagle. The important thing to do is to keep the boy involved in Scouting after he reaches Eagle to give back to younger boys what Scouting has given to him. Boys also need to be encouraged to take the side roads that Scouting offers such as Council JLT programs, the Order of the Arrow, high adventure trips and other such offering of Scouting on his way to Eagle. Our troop has at present two young men who reached the rank of Eagle at the age of 15. both have continued as active members of the troop, b
  3. This young man is apparently not ready for his Scoutmaster' conference. He needs to pass the Scout spirit requirement before he can be ready for his Conference. Therefore, maybe you need to counsel him about his scout spirit and set a time limit for him to improve before his has his conference. Good Luck
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