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  1. FYI - this boy transferred into my Troop as a Life Scout. We have discussed his poor attitude and other problems with temporary band-aid changes then a return to same old kid. Dad is an ASM who is wonderful, but somewhat in denial. I, too, had a rough go when I turned down a Scout for Life rank for poor spirit, stealing, lieing, etc. and "failed" him. According to national and my own council, the boy has a right to proceed to a Board of Review. Scoutmaster conferences are not pass or fail, and in fact, National reads the requirement very narrowly, to "take part in a Scoutmaster Conference
  2. I have a young man coming up for a Scoutmaster Conference for Eagle and he has a foul attitude, poor spirit, lots of reasons not to send him forward for Eagle, but the application for Eagle states "Take Part In a Scoutmaster Conference". It is not a pass or fail scenario. How do other Scoutmasters deal with this situation? Thanks.
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