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  1. When my boys became involved with Scouting, I started a scrapbook for them. This scrapbook consists of a binder and clear baseball card display sheets and sheet dividers. My boys stored their rank advancement and arrow point cards by rank. When they crossed over to Boy Scouts that binder allowed them to then store their rank advancements on one sheet and to store thier merit badge cards under the Rank heading that they earned them. Example: Jason earned his first aid, cooking and cycling MB as a 2nd class. These MB cards are found under the divider heading marked 2nd class. i Hope t
  2. I too use a Scout Stave. I get a lot of kidding from the boys because it is wrapped with about thirty feet of Parachute cord. Under the wrapping I have several fishing hooks. I can unwrap the cord, cut off both ends and pull a nylon strand from the center core. Tie one end to the Stave and the other end to the hook and go fish. Or you can use the cord to build snares and traps.
  3. Tim, I like it when a person takes a stand on their principles (I tried standing on a Principal once and almost got suspended from school, but thats another story) I'm glad this experience hasn't soured you on Scouting and I'm happy to see that SOMEONE in your District and in your Council has thought to tap into your training and skills. Question-Has the new District Commissioner been through HIS Commissioner Training??? Earl Dowdle
  4. Zorn Packte, When a Scout calls me for an appointment to work on a Merit Badge I ask that he bring a parent with him. This serves three functions. . .1) a ride to and from the appointed meeting. 2) someone there for HIS protection and 3) someone that can remember the little details like when and where the next appointment is. There has been a few cases where a parent cannot come to the appointment. When that happens, I ask the parent if I can meet with the Scout at THEIR house.
  5. It sounds to me that this Scoutmaster has an "I" problem (I want this, I did that, I'm in charge) and is in the Scouting Program for his own self gratification and not for the boys. Having been a District Commissioner, I cannot stress enough the immediate need for you to do two things. . . 1)Put your son in another troop that is following the Scouting Progam and has all their ducks in a row. Do this before your son is soured on Scouting. 2)Make your concerns known; if you don't know who your Unit or District Commissioner is, call your Council office and ask to speak to the Distric
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