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  1. Our troop recites the pleadge and then either the Oath or Law. At the closing, we recite the other. And how can you not cite. It is a pillar to the scouting community.
  2. Not sure which council you are from. My troop from Illinois went to S bar f. They had a blast and heard the tap out ceremony was fantastic. I wasn't with the troop at the time they went 4 years ago. but heard it was great. Hope this helps. Hopefully you haven't been there.
  3. Do you want to know why there is Youth Protection? It's because of people like my cubmaster, who thought it was a great idea to play with boys. Oh he finally got caught. About 10 years into his scouting career. He had a wife, 2 daughters and a son. And absolutely no one would have thought that he could be that way. Well guess what? The SOB was a freaking pedophile. He never touched me. I'm pretty sure he knew I would say something. He also knew my mother would make sure he would rot in jail. I'm not sure what he thought of my quiet dad though. I'm thinking when it came to dad, he wouldn't have to worry about rotting in jail. But those are the reasons that we now have to do this. And who really cares. We are here to teach and to safeguard the boys right. Youth protection is just that. It's not for scouters, it's to protect the scouts. Get over whatever it is you need to. But youth protection is here to stay. And as far as I'm concerned, it's a great addition.
  4. Oh and the trek safety video has a JASM pulling out his cell phone that he has in his technology pocket in case of emergency. I guess that would be BSA's stamp of approval. Ed you can have your thermometer now.
  5. Ed. the digital thermometer is an electronic device. And according to some all electronic devices should be banned. Therefore, you shouldn't have one anyways.
  6. You can put your meat thermometer there if you want. I'm not responsible for the meat thermometer taking your temperature.
  7. I don't want to be the newbie that starts trouble. I'm sorry if I've upset anyone. The point was that there is a small hole in the sleeve. I've been told be other scouters that the hole is for the wire coming out of whatever electronic equipment that they have on them. It was my personal observation that if BSA didn't want the hole there, it wouldn't be there. From there on, it is up to each troop or SM how they want to handle the situation. But my point is, that BSA is accepting of electonic devices as long as they are used properly. Each of us and our troops adapt policies in different ways. Some will say. "NO NEVER NO." Some will say. "Please leave them at home." Some will say. "Teach them the right way." And some will be completely oblivious to the whole situation. And hope the scouts will use them the right way. It is up to your discretion on how to handle each person saying the above. Do I think there needs to be a national policy on a local situation? NOPE. But each leader no matter what the choice is had better BE PREPARED for the reprecussions that each have. I just got back in after being away for 20 years. My how some things have changed. Some definitely for the better. Some not so. It's been an eye opening experience in the 6 months that I've been back. I'm sorry it took me so long to come back.
  8. Well I sure would say they aren't condoning it.
  9. This is my first post. It's great to know that we leaders can not only get information from others in our local areas but pretty much wherever one is listening and is willing to respond. For those of you who believe that BSA has not put out an official policy on electronic devices, I might refer you to the new uniforms that the BSA has given us. In the left pocket is a hole for a little wire to go thru the back of the uniform and into the ear of our little scouts. I'm not saying that you have to allow or disallow electronics, but I think teaching them the right way is better than outlawing them. Boys will be boys and will look for ways to skirt the law. JMO. Again I appreciate the new technology that we are using today to have roundtable discussions from various points of view.
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