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  1. I agree with a sweater. The USMC currently has an OD green pullover with epaulets, that would look great with our current Khaki, OD uniforms. I have seen similar versions referred to as a commando sweater. I was a cop in a past life, and we wore a navy blue version of the same, I rarely needed or wore a coat when I had the sweater on. Oh and by the way, I like berets too, hahahaha.
  2. Hi All, Thanks Much for the Info. YIS Eagle1983 WWW
  3. Scoutstuff.org sells mens uniform shirts in Poly/Cotton and Poly/Wool. The Poly/Wool ones are more expensive. What's the difference, I know, it has wool in it, haha. Do the wool ones look better, hold up better, warmer, etc. Does anyone have any experience with the Poly/Wool version of the BSA shirt?? Any advice or comments would be appreciated. Thanks Much. YIS Eagle1983
  4. Eagle1983

    The neckerchief

    I know that the BSA sometimes has to be flexible and change with the times and uniforms need to be functional, and that term is open to interpretation. In my never to be humble opinon, 2 items should never be removed from the "Authorized List", The neckerchief and the Scoutmasters campaign hat. Long live them both as they both are world wide symbols of scouting.
  5. Welcome Brother. I am a Brother Eagle, Class of 1983 - Moraine Trails Council. Now Asst. Den Leader in Maryland. Join NESA, its a good thing.
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