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  1. Looking for a Venturing dedicated camp, or camp that offers a Venturing program. We attended our local camp Swift Base in the St. Louis area. but we are looking for a camp within 10 hours of St.Louis Mo that offers a Venture specific program
  2. Well after our first 4 years the cooksets purchased from Campmor have just about lived out their lifespan. We are looking for new cookware for the Patrols. We have recently gotten a donation to purchase 3 new stoves & are now looking to replace the worn cooksets the scouts are currently using. I can still get the teflon coated cook kits from Campmor that we originally used however Im thinking a nice stainless steel/copper bottom set will have a better lifespan Any ideas for suppliers? I did find the GSI Large Cookset however nowhere can I find the guage of the steel so I ha
  3. Greetings from Mo. Im the SM for a newer small troop an hour west of St.Louis Mo. Eagle Scout myself and hoping to Eagle several young men in the upcoming years. Working on getting the Patrol method working with the younger scouts that comes with starting a new troop.
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