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    • I apologize for being so active today. I didn't sleep well and am a bit manic. As you suggest the proposed Plan leads me to fear the entire thing is on the verge of becoming frightfully attenuated. For me, and I am probably not alone among the abuse survivor claimants, I don't think I can bear several years of this. I rather feel like I was unwittingly attached to a team of horses and am being drug across the prairie. Granted, I could drop my claim and try to walk away, but it is not so simple as that. I am now invested in the process and the outcome, regardless my financial interest. The wound has been ripped open and I am trying to staunch the blood with little success. Probably TMI, but there it is. I appreciate you allowing me to be engaged and find it helpful to manage my emotions and the near constant rumination over the past, present and future. (I do have a therapist, but she's expensive. I owe somebody here a charred Elk steak or something.)
    • So the scoutmaster says he found through research that he can decide if an event should be considered for service as a scoutmaster.   This is an Eagle Scout Ceremony for scouts in our troop.  I'm not understanding why they should be bribed to volunteer to help out if first they are asked and second they are doing a good turn by participating and how do you count the time spent. Secondly, our district advancement says "Service cannot be for the benefit of the Scouting Organization.  Defeats the purpose of “Service”. "    So if you are saying "It is troop/unit service" that it be documented as such?    
    • Incorrect. I did not ask for inside information to scuttle off to someone of influence working on behalf of abuse survivors. If you took it that way, I apologize for being unclear. I was wondering if you men have an interface that would allow a channel to relay some of the good and common sense suggestions I've heard articulated here. I am not a power player in this case. Far from it. I have thoughts, a voice and, eventually, one vote among tens of thousands. I don't influence a group of claimants, a single claimant or state attorney, or any member in a position of leverage.  This what I wrote: "Is anyone here connected in a meaningful way to a member of the Ad Hoc Committee? I am curious if they have any real influence and if I am correct in my assertion that many LC’s consider themselves beyond the reach of its representation and influence. I know some do, but not the degree to which, how divided the group is, and etc."
    • You requested information about the unanimity of the decision that could be of help to the plaintiff's attorney's.  Hopefully, everyone sees this.
    • I disagree.  Jeff Anderson has already shown he is willing to battle an Archdiocese for 4 years over $55M.  LCs have billions.  It will take a large settlement offer (or National BSA liquidation) to avoid 3-4 more years of litigation.
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