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larger pants?

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  • larger pants?

    so i'm looking all over the web for 4x scout pants. and i can't find any. there's plenty of 4x scout shirts, but no pants. they HAVE to exist right? can anyone here point me in the right direction?

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    Looks like most of the official pants only go up to 3x, but this version is available up to 56". If you want to avoid shipping call your scout shop first they may be able to order them in for you.


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      Should someone with a 56 inch waist really be in Scouting?

      This person needs to look at the "physically strong" part of the Scout oath. Isn't this at least as important as "morally straight?"


      • King Ding Dong
        King Ding Dong commented
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        Well they become respected politicians and potential candidates for the top slot.

        It does say strong not fit, it takes some serious muscle to lug around an extra 200lbs. Have you taken a look at your district or council level Scouters recently ?

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      I am a District Commissioner and have a 34 inch waist at 6 foot. Still too big but working on it.


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        Originally posted by johnponz View Post
        Should someone with a 56 inch waist really be in Scouting? This person needs to look at the "physically strong" part of the Scout oath. Isn't this at least as important as "morally straight?"

        look here sir! i'm the one needing the pants. and i'm aware that i'm not in top physical shape. but as a scout yourself, you should be tolerant of others and not be a jerk. a scout is kind.


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          I did not mean offense. It was more of a statement about our current membership policy than personal. If you allow those who do not meet the "ideals" (and believe me I am included here) in some categories such as physically strong why don't you allow those that you believe do not meet the ideals in other categories such as "morally straight." I was using it as an opportunity for all of us to take a look in the mirror and to stop casting stones.

          If I cast a stone of my own in the process, I am truly sorry (and I mean that). I did not mean to hurt anyone's feelings in the process.

          Although, we do that every day with our current policy.


          • cookiesnm1lk
            cookiesnm1lk commented
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            well even though i AM obese, i can keep up with the rest of the troop, and that's what matters right? so call me what you will, I'm satisfied with my scouting experience.

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          CnM, it's that whole Catholic thing. JP's gotta judge something. (Sorry JP, but you did come off a bit harsh.)

          I will take obese, chain-smoking volunteers any day. Yes, I will nag them to lay of the cigs and red meat. (More because I need the encouragement as well, and because it really stinks to leave your kid at the trail head.) But at the end of the day there's a lot they offer the program.

          That said, I have no idea about xtra big and tall pants.


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            Darn email (message board etc.), it always makes you seem more harsh than intended. LOL


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              I will say right now I am a big woman. I had to go to the scout shop to get my pants as well, as I couldn't find the size I needed online. With that being said, all of the more fit (and probably more capable) parents who were given the option as den leader, along with me, refused to step up to plate. I'm sure they'd have preferred someone else more in shape but alas it didn't happen. Not one person has pointed it out (which I appreciate) and since becoming a leader, I have started watching what I eat and walking at least a mile everyday. Hopefully by next year these pants will be much too big, lol. But if not, ah well. I still get out there with the scouts and do my best, as they do. And I'm sure cookies does too

              (And yes, its very hard sometimes online to get across your point without sounding rude - it happens to us all.)