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Proper placement of Denner Cord (tab)

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  • Proper placement of Denner Cord (tab)

    I searched the forum and the internet to no avail, so it is time I asked the most opinionated experts I know--you.

    There are several webelos dens in our pack which are utilizing Denners for the first time. The question is, how are the tabs pinned on the shoulder (in relation to the epilettes)? Is is over, through, outside of, or under the tab.

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    From the Cub Scout uniform inspection form: Denner cord or assistant denner cord is worn over left shoulder.

    and the insignia guide states: "Denner shoulder cord, gold double-strand, No. 00368, Cub Scout and Webelos Scout, over left shoulder."

    But neither of those really answer your question, but if you read them literally, "over left shoulder", I would say they go on top of the loop and strap. To the side would just look silly and underneath both would not work because former denners wear just the tab, and you would not really be able to see it. I think I would go with over the strap but under the loop.


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      these are not "offical" BSA sites but I found these on the placement of the Denner Shoulder Cord:


      A gold double-strand shoulder cord worn on the left shoulder with cord suspended under arm. Worn only during term of office and removed when the term is completed. The tab may be worn without the cord to indicate previous service as a denner. Note: Webelos denners with the tan/olive uniform wear the cord, without the tab, under the left epaulet.

      And from "The Badge and Uniform Site (Formerly the Unofficial Uniform and Insignia Online Site)"
      under "Cub Scouting Leadership Cords"

      The Denner and Assistant Denner cords are worn so that the cords surround the left shoulder and the tab is centered where the epaulet would be on the new shirts. The cords may be worn on either the new shirt or the old shirt; if worn with the new shirt, the tab should be worn UNDER the epaulet and NOT on top. Newer versions of the Denner and Assistant Denner cords do not have the attached tab.


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        Please forgive my ignorance, but is a Denner like a patrol leader for a Webelos Den?

        If so, voted or appointed?



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          National now has the Insignia Guide on-line:

          A Denner is the equivalent to a Patrol Leader. You typically have a new Denner each month. No idea if appointed or elected.

          The old Insignia Guides and the Cub Scout books used to show how the denner tabs were pinned on.

          Cub scouts don't have epaulets. So a cub scout would have the denner tab pinned in about the same location as the epaulets.

          If you have Webelos Scouts wearing the tan uniform, the cords are worn under the epaulets, but without the tab.


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            " a Denner like a patrol leader for a Webelos Den?"
            A denner is member of aden who is the chosen "helper" for the den (any den, not just Webelos--my original question revolved around the tan shirt with the epaulets, hence the webelos references).
            The time period is what the den leader specifies, but usually 1-3 months. The boys in my den are a real mixed bag, and mostly do not know each other from classes. I asked them to choose a denner last week, for 2 months. Each boy wanted to vote for himself, so I asked the boys to work it out, and I stepped away and let them work it out for themselves. They played rock-paper-scissors to decide. Everyone was satisified, and in fact seem proud that they had solved the problem on their own.
            So far, it is working out fine.(This message has been edited by Buffalo Skipper)(This message has been edited by Buffalo Skipper)


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              Thank you all for your input. I believe you have left no doubt whatsoever about where and how the denner cord is is to be worn.

              Prehaps more amazingly, no one got their knickers in a twist over it either. Someone should record this it may be a first.


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                I introduced the denner cord to one of our dens.For the first time I asked the kids to give me 2 names of scouts in their den. Once they did I told them why I wanted the 2 names & had them elect the first denner. since then we assign the denner cord to a different scout. The time frame a scout is a denner depends on how many scouts you have in the den. But according to BSA you should let every scout have a turn as so non feel left out. I believe that is in the cub scout leader book(something no leader should be without).