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Just dropped my son off for his first Boy Scout Summer Camp week

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  • Just dropped my son off for his first Boy Scout Summer Camp week

    I was his den leader from his wolf year through his Webelos experience.....that included 2 half weeks of Webelos Resident Camp. For a variety of reasons I decided not to get involved with the troop as a weekly unit leader but most importantly I wanted to give my son the chance to do Scouts without me around all the time. I can't wait to hear about his week at the Cherokee Scout Reservation of the Old North State Council!

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    Congratulations to you both.

    It may seem contrary to logic, but I often receive more joy in my son's account of his adventures without me than having witnessed them myself. Parenting and scouting at work, I tell myself.


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      First, thanks for being your son's DL, that's a huge gift that he will never forget.
      Second, stay fit (or get fit, if it applies). The boy will need you and his mom for that "one more hike" or whatever adventure is around the corner. I know one boy who only did a few campouts with scouts, but he get his mom and older brother to do some camping weekends since then.
      Third, stay trained -- especially youth protection and the other online stuff. Patrols that do overnights on their own need chaperons these days. (Really, they don't, but it's a paperwork thing.) If your YPT is up-to-date you could be that dad (and mom - if the Mrs. is willing) who is ready when they need them..
      Fourth, share your passion. Look at the list of merit-badges, see if any match your vocation or hobby, and become a merit badge counselor.

      It sounds like, by the way you phrased things, you're on this track already. Just wanted to remind you and all the other cub leaders who are saying "bye" to their boy for a week for the first time that they can contribute in huge ways by serving the youth "around" their son as fervently as they've served the youth "with" their son!

      P.S. - Getting to know some older boys and their parents is great practice for when the one you have to live with hits 13!


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        RS and Q, thanks so much for the replies! Q, yes, I do want to remain trained and involved to some extent.....I am going to try to ease I to the area that will fit me and what the troop might need. Getting in shape really hits home with me. I am in my late 40's and have let myself get out of shape and over weight. We were on the North Carolina coast this past week for our vacation and we went to the Cape Lookout National Sashore for a day. I had a tough time getting to the top of the lighthouse.... Honestly, if I am going to be prepared to help on outings I am going to have to get back in shape.......and I am. I so hope this is a good week for my son and his troop!


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          I know he'll have a great time. My cousin (venturing/district) and her husband (Eagle/scoutmaster) are active in your district and their son and daughter are on staff at Cherokee.


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            Well....he had a GREAT week! He participated in the first year camper program and worked on the Swimming Merit Badge and the Indian Lore Merit Badge. He made lots of new friends and.....seemed to "grow up" some during the week. So proud and happy that he is part of the BSA and that there are so many leaders who work to make the lives of our kids as good as they can be.


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              Good to hear! Thanks for the follow-up.


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                Cool. Best part of summer camp for me is watching the new boys make friends and really become integrated with the older Scouts. You'll be at the mall this winter and see your son talking with some sketchy high school kid who needs a shave only to discover it's one of his buddies from camp.

                I've been to Cherokee. The hardest part of Swimming MB there is the hump back and forth to the waterfront!