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Number of Surrounding Boy Scout Camps

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  • Number of Surrounding Boy Scout Camps

    To answer Cambridgeskip's question about the number of Boy Scout Camps "density" I thought it best to spin off a thread rather than hijack basementdweller's thread

    I live in Bethlehem PA. I am not sure of the distances, I speak more in terms of time. Within two hours of my home I can get to the following BSA Council Camps

    Trexler Scout Reservation with Cub Scout Camp Achela Land and Settlert Scout Camp, Minsi Trails Council Jonas, PA

    Camp Minsi, Minsi Trails Council Pocono Summitt PA

    Camp Tuckahoe, New Birth of Freedom Council Dillsburg PA

    Camp Ockanickon Bucks County Council Pipersville PA

    Resica Falls Scout Reservation Cradle Of Liberty Council East Stroudsburg PA

    Goose Pond Scout Reservation Northeast Pennsylvania Council Lake Ariel PA

    Camp Achahela Northeast Pennsylvania Council Blakeslee PA

    Hawk Mountain Scout Reservation Hawk Mountain Council Schuylkill Haven PA

    there may be others, these are ones I have been to


    Perhaps I should have incldued Treasure Island Cradle of Liberty Council, Point Pleasant PA, but its not operating anymore as a SUmmer Camp(This message has been edited by oldgreyeagle)

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    Is there a good map of FL BSA camps?


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      My council has 6 camps in it's 20 counties

      The camp furthest west is 2 hours or 98.14 miles from the main camp and HA base, which are right next to each other on the same scout reservation. An d it is 2 hrs 39 mins / 136.37 miles from teh one furthest east. Can't find the info on the two remaining camps in the center of the council, but they are approx 20 minutes away by car from the main camp and HA base. I've been told between 5 and 10 minutes via motorboat.

      Also a neighboring council has their camp about 47 miles from our western most camp. What's funny is that the neighboring council's camp and scout office are closer to my district than my council's.

      Forgot to add, my home camp was 45 miles from the neighboring council's camp. When my old council changed it's name, it dropped the county that had the council camp in it b/c it was in a different state. it was weird.(This message has been edited by eagle92)


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        I found this website, its kinda neat,no map but a list bt state of camps. It also has a section, a forum, if you will, that allows others to share in collective wisdom and a cordial exchange of ideas(This message has been edited by oldgreyeagle)


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          In my state it lists 5 camps that have been closed and sold.


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            There are 11 listed here... many are not what I'd call hospitable in the summer months.

            Our troop uses only one.


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              we have several campgrounds that are owned by our council, use to have 2 summer camp programs out of those, but we are down to 1 now. Not sure how far we'd have to go for a different camp, but we are happy with this one.


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                Two camps within 2 hours if you really stretch that two hours. The farthest one is past Las Vegas to the west, the closest one the better part of an hour away and only accessible on a seasonal basis as the road is not maintained per se and certainly isn't plowed come winter.

                We use the closer camp for a unit outing once a year, otherwise summer camp is always a 5+ hour drive.



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                  Six of our 8 council camps are within two hours of my part of the council. Most of the council has at least one camp within 2 hours drive. At least two other council's camps could also potentially be reached withing 2-3 hours from some parts of our council.


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                    SW PA has a lot of camps within 2 hours drive. I think 7 different councils are within 90 miles of Pittsburgh.


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                      I know it's been a few months since this thread was active but I spent an afternoon throwing as many PA camps as I could find on Google Maps:


                      Far from complete, still a bit of a mess and I'm sure some places are missing. Still, kind of interesting to see how things lay out state wide.

                      I've been to most of the camps on the eastern end of the state.


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                        Thanks, Bronc!


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                          Thanks Bronco! This is really a good thing.
                          Did you have to add everything by hand? Or did Google search and add anything automatically?
                          I'd like to see something similar for the rest of the mid-Atlantic states, including New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, West Virgina, & Virginia.


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                            I had to add them by hand. I used this website:


                            Opened each camps page in a tab and used google maps to add them in one by one by searching for the address on the USscouts page or the name of the camp.

                            I can set the map up for collaboration so if you'd like I can add you and you can do the other states you are interested in...eventually we could have a large portion of them added.