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When Night Ends...

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  • When Night Ends...

    The Rabbi put this question to his students: "How can you tell when night has ended and the day has begun?"

    One student suggested: "Could it be when you see an animal and you can tell whether it is a sheep or a goat?"

    "No, that's not it," answered the rabbi.

    Another student said: "Could it be when you look at a tree in the distance and you can tell whether it is a fig tree or a peach tree?"

    Again the rabbi answered: "No."

    After a few more guesses the students said: "Well, please tell us when night has ended?"

    The rabbi answered: "It is when you look on the face of another human and there is enough light to recognize them as your brother or sister."

    "Until then, it is night, and the darkness is still with us".

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    All together now, "We are the world, we are the children . . ."


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      We are the ones who make a better world
      So let's start giving

      There are people dyin'
      And it's time to lend support
      to Life, the greatest gift of all.

      Not at all a bad sentiment, eh? Perhaps a touch more musical than

      On my honor, I will do my best
      To do my duty to God and my country,
      and to obey the Scout Law,
      to help other people at all times.

      But of da same cloth, eh?



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        On the turning awayFrom the pale and downtroddenAnd the words they sayWhich we wont understandDont accept that whats happeningIs just a case of others sufferingOr youll find that youre joining inThe turning awayIts a sin that somehowLight is changing to shadowAnd casting its shroudOver all we have knownUnaware how the ranks have grownDriven on by a heart of stoneWe could find that were all aloneIn the dream of the proudOn the wings of the nightAs the daytime is stirringWhere the speechless uniteIn a silent accordUsing words you will find are strangeAnd mesmerized as they light the flameFeel the new wind of changeOn the wings of the nightNo more turning awayFrom the weak and the wearyNo more turning awayFrom the coldness insideJust a world that we all must shareIts not enough just to stand and stareIs it only a dream that therell beNo more turning away?
                &n bsp;  -Pink Floyd  song "On The Turning Away"