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  • Kind

    Here's another one you are welcome to share with your troop.
    Well, Thanksgiving has now passed and were already into the Holiday Season! Ill bet a lot of you fellows are already making lists of presents you want. I hope that youre also making lists of presents youre going to *give* to your parents, family, friends, and others.

    You all remember the three parts of the Scout Law: Duty to God & Country; Duty to Self; and Duty to Others. Who are those "Others" and what IS your duty to them? Well, you all know that your duty to your parents is to be Obedient, Helpful, and Trustworthy, as well as respectful. How about your brothers and sisters? Your duty to them is to be Loyal, among other things. Your friends? Friendly of course, and Loyal and Helpful. But what about people you dont even know? People who youve never even met before. Do you have a duty to them? How about Courteous, Cheerful, and Kind? We should be Kind to everyone, even people we dont know.

    So, I want to make a challenge to each of you. This is the Season of Giving. I challenge each Scout here tonight to give a present this month to someone you dont know. Maybe someone youve never even seen before. It doesnt have to be fancy. It doesnt have to be expensive. Maybe a MacDonalds gift certificate to the homeless guy on the side of the road. Maybe a small potted plant to the lady down the street who you dont know but she always waves at you. No one is going to check up on whether you do this or not. It wont help you advance. It wont give you any credit. But its the right thing to do. Because this is the Season of Giving, and because a Scout is Kind.

    Think about it.

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    Sounds like a great SM minute. Where can the boys learn about the "three parts of the Scout Law"? You probably mean the Scout Promise. The three parts may have been explained in old Handbooks, but there is nothing in the book boys now use that discusses it.


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      Yes, the Scout Oath, of course. I mis-typed.


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        I just love I'm acting SM tonight and I needed a SM minute to close with. Since we have boys moving from our new scout patrol to regular patrols tonight, my fellow NSP ASM suggested a minute that talked about kindness. I googled "scoutmaster minute" and "a scout is kind" together and look where it brought me! Four years old and still helpful!!!


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          I remember giving that one and I can't believe it was four years ago!

          But, some things are timeless ...