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The dreaded "RED X" instead of photos on website?

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  • The dreaded "RED X" instead of photos on website?

    Ok - what am I doing wrong?

    I created an html file webpage in Microsoft Office

    I named it "index.html"

    I separately uploaded 3 pictures in my upload space at

    But when I go to the webpage

    nothing, picture wise, shows up except the dreaded "red X"


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    Did you upload (transfer) the pictures to the website?

    You have to upload the web page and the pictures separately. When you upload the web page it will not upload the pictures for you, you will have to select each picture to upload.

    Here is one of the images the web page is looking for,

    v:imagedata src="index_files/image005.gif"


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      actually, yes I did upload the pictures separately from the index.html file. They are all separately in the ftp space provided by

      I am sure whatever I have done is easily corrected though... I wonder if I need to create a separate folder in the ftp space called "index_files" ?

      Also... I did not upload any photos called "image005.gif" so I wonder if that is the problem, maybe I have to rename every picture and THEN upload them again???

      Gosh now I am confused!


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        oh yeah I see what you mean...

        this line -

        OK - the file name I uploaded was "AACouncilPatch" though.. so it should be fine no?


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          LOL for whatever reason I can't even edit my own message above... because somehow the html stuff was left out... it should read - -

          this line - v:imagedata src="index_files/image005.gif" o:title="AACouncilPatch"


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            I see on your other posting that you said you did upload the images.
            Go to you will have to sign in to get there.

            You will see a list of all of the files for your website, make sure the pictures are there
            Make sure the HTML page name of the pitcures match what you uploaded.

            this is what you should see

            bdsblk.gif 945 B GIF Image 12/2/2003
            bsa.gif 1 KB GIF Image 12/2/2003
            bslogobkgd1.gif 4 KB GIF Image 12/2/2003
            bslogocolor.gif 2 KB GIF Image 12/2/2003
            bslogocolor1.gif 0 B GIF Image 12/2/2003
            cal.htm 2 KB HTML Document 9/14/2004
            cal.JPG 63 KB JPEG Image 1/25/2004
            flag.jpg 8 KB JPEG Image 10/4/2002
            flag1.gif 12 KB GIF Image 10/4/2002
            index.html 3 KB HTML Document 12/2/2003
            links.htm 3 KB HTML Document 12/2/2003

            When you say office what program did you use?


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              I used Microsoft Office 2003 - create new office document - webpage... saved it as an .html. I uploaded the index.html and the photos separately

              Here's what it says I have uploaded...

              118.JPG 4 KB JPEG Image 12/13/2006
              AACouncilPatch.gif 31 KB GIF Image 12/13/2006
              BSALogo.gif 9 KB GIF Image 12/13/2006
              index.html 13 KB HTML Document 12/13/2006


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                Now I just found the "index_files" folder which was created on the desktop along with the index.html file. I uploaded every one of the items in that folder separately... now my ftp space looks like this...

                118.JPG 4 KB JPEG Image 12/13/2006
                AACouncilPatch.gif 31 KB GIF Image 12/13/2006
                BSALogo.gif 9 KB GIF Image 12/13/2006
                filelist.xml 292 B XML Document 12/13/2006
                image001.jpg 3 KB JPEG Image 12/13/2006
                image002.gif 9 KB GIF Image 12/13/2006
                image003.gif 11 KB GIF Image 12/13/2006
                image004.jpg 4 KB JPEG Image 12/13/2006
                image005.gif 31 KB GIF Image 12/13/2006
                index.html 13 KB HTML Document 12/13/2006

                And STILL no photos showing up on that darn thing


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                  I have not used word to create a website, so bear with me here.

                  It sure looks like your HTML page is looking for the image

                  You uploaded it as AACouncilPatch.gif

                  try remnaming that file on your PC to image005.gif and uploading it to the site again using the name image005.gif and see what happens.


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                    We are posting at the same time.

                    But now I see a woodgrain background that was not there before.
                    I am going have a look at the image for the background to see if I can get some clues.

                    Have I ever told anyone how much I love to read HTML code!


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                      IT IS WORKING!


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                        AMEN!!!!! Praise Dan!!! LOL

                        Thank you - IT WORKED!
                        It was a pretty simple thing... and sometimes we just need someone else to point out the obvious

                        Thank you so much Dan,
                        Yours In Scouting