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Scouting in Italy.

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  • Scouting in Italy.

    I can explain to you italian-scout-system, But do you teach me yours??

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    Heres some information on Scouting in the UK.
    The Scout Association is the main body ( and only WOSM member) in the UK and is based at Gilwell park, in Essex.
    There are currenty five Scouting sections and a support Scout fellowship section.
    the main Scouting Sections (from 2003) are as follows:
    Beaver Scouts age: 6 to 8
    Cub Scouts: age 8 to 10 1/2
    Scouts from 10 1/2 to 14
    Explorer Scouts from 14 to 18
    Scout Network from 18 to 25

    Before 2003, there was
    Beaver Scouts ( as above)
    Cub Scouts ( as above)
    Scouts from 10 1/2 to 15 1/2
    Venture Scouts from 15 1/2 to 21

    UK Scouting is now fully Co educational ( ie open to girls and boys in all sections) although it has been slowly phased in over time roughly as follows:
    Venture Scout units could be mixed sex from the 1970's if they ( or the group) wanted to be
    Beavers, Cubs and Scouts could be mixed from roughly 1992 again at the groups discretion.
    As from 2007 ( this year) almost all Scout groups have to provide provision for girls as well as boys in Scouting ( with the exception of closed groups attached to and with members only from certain groups - ie Scools)

    Each scout group consists of any or all of the main sections and in some cases there may be two or more Beaver colonys/cub packs/Scout troops packs within the group.
    Each group is run by someone called the Group Scout Leader (GSL) and is assisted by the Group executive comitee.
    Each Scout group is a member of a district ( ie South Nottingham ) and the district will typicly consist of a District Comisioner (DC) with an ADC ( assistant district comisioner) Beavers, ADC Cubs, ADC Scouts as well as other people in charge of events and such like there is also a DESC ( Ditrict Explorer Scout Comitte ( as explorers are a district provision and not part of a group, although different explorer units are often attached to a group)

    On to the Sections, theres more info on the Scoutbase website for each section

    Explorer Scouts:
    The Scout Network:

    theres also some resources avaialble here

    as well as factsheets on almost everything in UK scouting here:


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      Thank you very much Pint! Almost like in Italy: here Beaver Scout age is 5 to 8, Cub age is 8 to 12, Scout age 12 to 16 and then Explorer Scout(here: Rover Scout)16 to 20.
      Male and Female are mixed and totally equal! The rest is identical.
      Are you of the C.E.S.(Confdration Europenne de Scoutisme)?
      This summer are you going to be at Brownsea?


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        Someone tell me American-system.
        Let's ask me something!


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          Im in the Scout Association (UK) part of the World Organisation of the Scout Movement (WOSM) there are a few other Scout organisations operating in the UK such as the FES/CES and the Baden Powel Scouts, although they are few and far between, and ive never encounterede anyone from those groups.


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            Well! I am a scout of the CES! Nice to write you!
            How far do you live from Brownsea island? Have you ever done a hike in that area?
            Obviously you attend at the Jamboree, right?


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              Im about 200 miles from Poole Harbour (and Brownsea island) or about 320Km, ive never been there yet, although there is talk of it sometime in the Scout group/district, for sometime this year, or probably next year (2008) When our Scout group could be 100 years old if we can verify an old photo showing the Scout troop dated 1908.

              As for the Jamboree in Essex, same again i wont be there, although i will be at a camp in Holland, haarlem jamborette, near Amsterdam.


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                I've understood! I've a question for you Pint: Do you have any map of Dorset zone in file? Or do you have any conctact whit Scout group of that area? Any address? Any web link? Thanks.


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                  for a map of Dorset go to and enter this into the box SZ015875 (use copy and paste ) then click on the landranger button, and then search.
                  click on large map, then the plus and minus (+ - ) buttons to zoom out and in.

                  As for contacts, If you go to then at the directories bit, click on campsites, you should be able to find most campsites in the UK, for the Brownsea island campsite, click on search by county ( left hand side ) then dorset and you shoudl see links to most campsites in the county of Dorset, including Brownsea island.

                  you can also access e-mail adresses of leaders through ( click on directories ) although it would be best if you made contact through a website forum / message board such as the one at first
                  you could also try the uk.rec.scouting newsgroup ( if your not set up for newsgroups go to, then click on groups then type in uk.rec.scouting


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                    Thank you very very much!