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2007 World Jamboree - Lots of youth spots open

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  • 2007 World Jamboree - Lots of youth spots open

    Over the past month or so I have been interviewing the adults from our Area of the NE-Region, who applied for leadership positions at the 2007 World Scout Jamboree.
    We were asked to grade these leaders from A -C.
    A being outstanding, B being Good and C being more than lightly not.
    I have yet to meet a "C"
    In fact most were "A"
    If we fill all the youth spots we need 68 Adults, sadly we haven't and if we were to leave next week we would only need a little less than half of the 68.
    I feel really bad for these applicants.
    I spent some time on the phone today talking about what we might have done to improve recruiting and there is a lot of room for improvement on our part.
    Please if you know of any Scout (Particularly from the NE-Region) who wants to attend please send me a PM.
    Please don't bother telling me about the cost or how little time there is to come up with money. Please believe me I know and I know that the closer we get the harder it is going to be.
    There are very limited funds available to help cases of need. It is worth trying. But I wouldn't count on the funds being available and being very much.
    Every Scout who attends will come back full of the joys of international Scouting and while the event is for the youth, I'd really like to see as many of the adults who applied get the opportunity to go, but without the Scouts they are not needed.
    Many Thanks.

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    We recently heard from the Council (National Capitol Area) that there are still youth spots open for this summer's World Jamboree. Somewhat to my surprise, my son wants to go so I dropped off an application and deposit last week. Does anybody know whether there are still a lot of spots?


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      Yes there are spots open.
      In fact the spots for Venturers are wide open!!
      Sadly to fill a Venturer Spot you have to be under 18.
      It seems that the price of the event has been perceived by many as not being value for money.


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        I thought it was expensive too, until I compared the cost to other sleep-away camps my kids had attended--I mean, other than regular Boy Scout summer camp. It's still expensive, but the price includes travel to England, and a tour. Also, they will have to feed him while he is there, which will save me a bundle.
        When I was in high school, my French teacher took a group of students to France for a trip over spring break, and my parents didn't let me go. I don't know if it was the money or some other reason. But I decided that if my kids want to do something like this--what is essentially a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, I would do my best to make it happen.


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          It's right! But have you to go this summer? How much have you to spend?
          We, from Italy, 500euro about! It's an incredible opportunity take part to the centenary camp!


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            Fellow Scouters,


            My family would certainly love to attend the 2007 World Jamboree. I've been invited to serve on the International Service Team (yeah, I know, who hasn't?), but my goodness, even the IST cost is also very expensive.

            My beloved wife, has offered to sell my BSA patch collection on ebay to cover the cost of our trip. I tell her those patches are more sentimental value than monetary value; so we will have to consider the 22nd World Jamboree in five years... lol

            Possibly I believe my family will soon be purchasing a day pass to walk into the National Jamboree for one day during the entire event. And just take a long deserved Summer vacation in London. On the positive side, my entire family was fortunate enough to attend the 2005 BSA National Jamboree as Jamboree participants.

            But finally getting down to the point. The reason why I'm adding to this post is a few Scouters may be surprised at the wide difference between the Italian and American fees.

            A few of our fellow Scouters might appreciate the USD and Euro exchange rate. It is about 74 Euro cent to 1 USD.

            As our new Italian Scouter friend Enri stated, the Scouts of Italy may be paying approximately 500 Euro (equal to about 680 USD). But the BSA members attending are paying in the neighborhood of 2500, plus extra for travel, and excursions around London. Roughly 3500 U.S. Dollars each.

            Just to clarify, the individual Scout fee is set by the World Scout Bureau and is calculated according to a country's Gross Domestic Product. I guess the BSA coming from one of the countries in the G8 summit (with a high GDP income) cost BSA Scouts and other profitable GDP countries more to attend.

            Oh well, maybe by the 22nd World Jamboree, I can sell off my patch collection to attend. lol

            Scouting Forever and Venture On!
            Crew21 Adv


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              3500 USD is frightening!!
              Whit so-high price anyone in my group(like say you "district") should leave own ground!
              I have some question: Do you do activities to finance your travel?
              Does your district help you for your finance-lack?
              P.S.Thank you Crew21_Adv for your welcoming approach! ;-)


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                Enri and Fellow Scouters,

                Greetings again!

                Some of my fellow BSA Scouters could probably comment in better detail, but I'll give it a try.

                Enri, here is a discussion of how BSA Scouts will be attending this summer.

                As BSA units are getting prepared to go to the World Jamboree in Hyde Park, England this Summer, they Troops and Crews are coming from four (BSA divided) geographic regions of the U.S.. The 2005 BSA National Jamboree Troops had 36 youth and 4 adults in each Troop. But I believe the BSA (regional) Troops attending the 2007 World Jamboree will be at about 60 members in each unit.

                The BSA World Jamboree attending Scouts will be coming from a few different states and cities to create these World Jamboree Troops. So there are a few opportunities for fund raising, but not many. As these Scouts will only meet each other in emails, and newsletters. The London historical tours, in addition to being educational, will also serve as a "gathering activity" or "bonding experience", so when they arrive at their campsite in Hyde park, they will be a well oiled machine. Ideally, they will appear like a Troop that has been around for years, although most all of them will have just met days prior to the World Jamboree.

                The added excursions will tack on a few more dollars to the cost, but I would say that they are worth it. It would be hard to convince a parent to send their Scout to the other side of the globe, to take a bus between the airport to camp and back to the airport. Adding in a bonding experience and history lesson will encourage some parents to budget for their Scout to attend.

                To raise this large dollar amount, a few families may not even wink at the price tag. A few will cringe, but consider it a "once in a lifetime" gift for their Scout. But most of the individual Scouts will have a "pass the hat" campaign or spaghetti dinner or other fund raiser for their Troop, church or community. And hopefully the neighborhood will rally around their local scout to send the Scout to the World Jamboree. Otherwise, "A Scout is Thrifty", and will be mowing lawns until they are in college.

                So Enri, the districts, councils and regions will not directly fund the BSA Troops to attend. But they will assist in a few fundraising events.

                Jokingly, I have known a few Scouters (who have sent their Scout, or attended or wanted to attend the World Jamboree) to roll their eyes at the Gross Domestic Product rating and cost determination by the World Organization of Scouting Movement, but in the end, they concur "Every Scout deserves to opportunity to attend".

                I hope that somewhat explains the high price tag for BSA Scouts attending the WSJ.

                Ciao, Scouting Forever and Venture On!
                Crew21 Adv


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                  Just thought I'd add that there are apparently still some youth spots open in the BSA contingent. (BSA deposited our deposit check, so I guess my son is going, although we haven't gotten the confirmation letter yet.) As we learn more about it, it looks like a really great opportunity--although, yes, it is quite expensive.


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                    Fellow Scouters,

                    Congrats Hunt! or maybe I should say Congrats to Hunt Jr, if he is the one attending.

                    I certainly wish my family could join him and the others for the entire World Jamboree. At least my boys attending, but the price tag is still way too steep.

                    On a positive note for me. Ms Crew21_Adv came home from work a few days ago, asking me if we wanted to purchase day passes. Is she Psychic?!! I promise, I have not said a word about World Jamboree to her.

                    If things work out, we will have a modest London vacation, and a day pass on 2 August. It is a Thursday (weekday), so most British Scoutleaders may be at work. Although there hotels will probably be crowded with us International visitors (aka tourist). And it is the day after the 100th Celebration on 1 August (which is closed to visitors).

                    Again, if I am lucky, I will attempt to contact a few friends in the N/E Venturing Crew and some of the troops, to see if they need anything from the Chelmsford convenience store before we walk in. (If nothing more to bring in a few bags of candy bars)

                    I'd expect it will be extremely crowded, and Crews and Troops running to all the events (so no one will be at the campsites during the day), but I hope to get the chance to meet Hunt Jr, Eammon, and OJ, along with chatting with a few friends there.

                    Scouting Forever and Venture On!
                    Crew21 Adv


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                      Very interesting topic, EAMOM. AS USUAL ! One wonders why USA, which has the largest Scout orginization in the world , has a difficulty even to meet the minimum quata for the American contingent at the World Jamboree ? Is it poor planing on the proffesional level, no motivation or adverising,no enthusiasm created , to expensive for an average boy in Scouting ?( $ 4000 plus $1000 for spending money ),or is it that Scouting is dying a slow death ? I think it is all of them. I received a 'RUMOR', from a friend who is high in profesional executive level ( can not disclose his name, for he will be fired ! He has a family to support ! ) He told me there are large donations coming into BSA inc, in support of scouts and leaders who have difficulty in raising money to attend the World Jamboree. Where is this money ? Why is this money not allocated to the needy Scout/Leaders ? There should be no dificulty for a qualified Scout to attend this worth while trip. When I was at Kandersteg, Switzerland lasr year, I was told by the (Russian, Polish, swedish, Austrian Scout leaders, and etc, ) how they are financing their trip from donations received from Churches, Mc Donald company of Europe, Mercdes Benc and etc. Where and why is our National Council hiding these donations. Let me stop, before I go to far. Good Scouting ...jambo