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Sea Scouts @ National Jamboree

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  • Sea Scouts @ National Jamboree

    if you want to follow what's going on with the Sea Scout Booth at the Jamboree, check out our Facebook group: SeaScoutsatJamboree (one word). We have many photos uploaded and post updates to the wall.

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    I was very impressed with the Sea Scouts on Friday.

    I am not sure of the correct naval terminology, but I will explain this as best that I can.

    Standing in front of the Sea Scout exhibit were two rows of 4 scout standing perpendicular to the entrance way. Standing a few yards from them was a Coast Guard Chief Petty Officer.

    As I approached, an army Brigadier General walked up from the opposite direction. As the general approached the chief said something(I was behind him at this point and could not hear him) and the scouts went to attention, and on the scouts brought a bosun's call to his mouth. When the general stepped closer, the scouts rendered a a salute and a call was played on the bosun's call. After the general entered the scouts went to at ease and the chief came over and gave them critique.

    A few moments later a Coast Guard Captain (who was the commander of the coast guard units attached to the jamboree joint task force and a Eagle Scout) approached, the chief said "Coast Guard Captain Approaching" and they proceeded to do the same as above.


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      Piping the Side is what it's called. Saw the photos of the USCG admiral on the FB page. manI wish I would have been there.


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        I wish I could have seen this stuff. One of our council members is on staff at the Sea Scouts exhibit. It looked excellent.


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          GO SEA SCOUTS!!!!!!

          We were honoring the Admirals, and Generals, that came and visited us. While it was pretty cool it was a big hassle because all the youth staff that was working that day had to be there as sidepeople, so nobody was doing our jobs at those times.


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            Despite being from the UK it's always good to see Sea Scouts showing what they can do.

            Just looked at the FB page. Why are the Scouts giving the military salute rather than the Scout one?


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              "Why are the Scouts giving the military salute rather than the Scout one?"

              Because that is what it says to do in the Sea Scout manual. I do not know why the manual says to do it that way, but it does, so that is what we do.


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                Way back in the day, 1920s or so, Sea Scouts in the BSA were completely revamped by a CDR Keane. He was retired US Navy, and Sea Scouts went towards a more USN look in uniforms, customs, and traditions. Sea Scout uniforms on the national level are based upon USN uniforms with Sea Scout modifications. Sea Scouts, and also Venturers, use the military salute, not the scout one. I am betting b/c of CDR Keane's influence.

                Hey EMB, you recovered from Jambo yet? We could use your vast store or knowledge here.

                BTW EMB was the one that posted those pics on FB. THANKS A BUNCH EMB!(This message has been edited by eagle92)


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                  I didn't know that, thanks for the info.


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                    Eagle92 is correct.

                    Sea Scouts have always used a full salute, and shake with the right hand.

                    Venturers have a modified salute, where the thumb is held out (see the Venturer Handbook). Was a little annoyed that one of the papers ran a big picture of a bunch of scouts saluting, and had one female venturer giving the boy scout salute. Incorrect.