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  • Getting Sentimental

    As some may know, I gave up my oldest son's den 2 years ago in order to be the Tiger DL for middle son. I admit I have not been as active with them, seeing them at meetings, campouts, and other 'Webelos Only" activities. But I still consider them "my den." I've seen them grow, take on more responsibilities, try new things, and now chomping at the bit to be Boy Scouts.

    They are now getting ready to become Boy Scouts next month. Some know where they are going, some are still searching. But my den is "going to the winds." and It's getting to me. I know I'll see them around at camporee, and hopefully OA when the time comes. But I am going to miss seeing them and hearing how they are doing.

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    It is hardest on the DL when they go their separate ways. On the other hand there will be a lot of campfires out there to which you may invite yourself!


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      Yeah...I know the feeling. Most of the boys in the den that I lead for 4 years crossed over to Scouts and I think they are doing well. My son chose to go to a different troop than where most of the other boys went so I don't get to see them as often. My "super scout" 's mom posted on Facebook last week that he had just earned 2nd class.....he is on his way and I am proud to have played a part in his trail.


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        Comment from across the pond.....

        We run cubs differently over here, running as a complete pack every week.

        In 2009 I switched from running cubs to running scouts and the generation I took with me from cubs to scouts were and always will be a special bunch of kids. They have now moved onto Explorers (Our 14-18 year old section) but to me they are still an amazing bunch of kids to me.


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          Write something...There were two dens of the same age boys in the Pack when my son was in Cub Scouts. Son joined as a Wolf while some had joined as Tigers. 12 of the 16 joined the same troop as my son. They attended five different summer camps, three high adventure bases and 7 years later, six lads are still in the program having earned the rank of Eagle. They all will turn 18 shortly head off to university in the fall. From age 7 to age 17, they have all matured and grown into fine young men. The last decade has flown by. I sure am glad I was there to watch.


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            Well I will be keeping tabs on one of my Cubs. He's already stated that he is going wherever oldest goes, he goes. Talked to his mom about it too.

            Although says he will "probably" join a troop he's visited and camped with, he won't tell me, or anyone else, with certainty. I am glad about that becasue there are some adult politics going on, and I don't want to deal with it, nor do I want it to affect him.