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Can a SM be related to CC who is also a ASM?

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    Scoutnut re Health & Safety Training: "This course is to be offered to all unit leaders, district staff, and council staff. All leaders should receive this training every two years." It does NOT say "REQUIRED", "MANDATORY", or even "MUST". It states "OFFERED" and "SHOULD", which is BSA speak for it would be nice if they would take it, but we are not forcing it at present. I can understand why they have not made it mandatory..."

    What is your point Scoutnut? Unit leaders should not be trained in health or safety. We want to tell everyone that unless BSA writes them a letter and expressly tells them to take it, its not "required."

    I think when BSA tells you to take a course, you ought to take it. Of course, some leaders are independent cusses and learned it all back in 1927 and don't need no stink'n train'n. Right?

    Any leader that follows that line of reasoning blows his insurance and defense when something bad goes wrong. And in our Council, is probably not a leader.


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      I think ScoutNut's point was pretty clear - that H&S training is not required, as you initially stated.

      Your other statement - "The syllabus suggests that where another adult is available, its best to not use married couples." - is also incorrect, by my reading of the syllabus.

      If you have page numbers, please cite them so I can find the suggestion you refer to.


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        Wow, love how these topics veer so far off course for someone who asked a simple question....

        Yes, the CC and SM can be related...there is no BSA literature that states otherwise...good idea? no, and your story is another reason why it's not.

        As for the CC being the CC and an ASM...nope, can't be done. One or the other.

        Thirdly, if your son was "dragged out of his cot at 5 AM and humiliated" by the SM, get off this forum, and on the horn with the police...aggravated assault of a minor...

        If this is too far gone, leave the troop, find another and come back to let us know what is happening...

        As for all of you BSA literature quoters....get a life and let the posters get their questions answered instead of the same 3 people hijacking every thread with what they think is right...we are all here to help, not hinder and frustrate.


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          >>"As for all of you BSA literature quoters....get a life and let the posters get their questions answered instead of the same 3 people hijacking every thread with what they think is right...we are all here to help, not hinder and frustrate."


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            here we go with the quoting of context, again...

            is that going to happen on this forum, too? I guess that I will have to leave this one, as some people never change *sigh*


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              Hi Biscuit,
              Welcome to the forum.
              From what you have posted.

              I'm saddened to hear that something has happened which has made you and your son upset.
              Not knowing the details,it would be unfair to make any other comments.
              As others have rightly posted members of the same family can serve in the same unit. At this time I don't know of any ruling that says/states this can't be done.
              There are however rules about the number of hats (Positions) a person can fill.
              In this case the SM's wife is allowed to be a ASM or a Committee Chair, but she is not supposed to be both.
              Sometimes because of lack of qualified people it does happen that someone does fill more than one spot.

              I don't know how upset you and your son are?
              Or what you have in mind as a remedy for the situation?

              Please don't for a minute think I'm choosing sides. - I'm not!
              But, for what it's worth here's my 2 cents.
              In most of the units I have had dealings with, which is what I'd say is a lot!
              The Scoutmaster and the Troop Committee Chairperson are fairly close and work hand in hand.
              If they didn't? There is a chance that the Troop Committee Chairperson could or might ask the Scoutmaster to step down.
              This rarely happens unless the Scoutmaster has made a big boo-boo.
              When I was a Unit Leader 99.9% of the time the Committee and the Chair were willing to go along with just about any recommendation that I made.
              With this in mind; does it really make any difference if the Chairperson is married to the Scoutmaster or is also an ASM?
              If you really feel that it does?
              Your best bet might be to call the Scout Service Center and find out who the Unit Commissioner or the District Commissioner is for your unit and give them a call to discuss this matter.
              Good Luck to you and your son.