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Looking for a pack in Hendersonville\Gallatin, TN area

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  • Looking for a pack in Hendersonville\Gallatin, TN area

    My son is interested in getting involved with Cub Scouts and we are in the process of finding a Pack. We have been to one meeting at a local Gallatin Pack but are wanting to try some others. Our church home is Hendersonville First Baptist Church and unfortunately they do not have a Cub Scout Pack but they do have a large Boy Scout Troop 413. If my son continues with scouting through Boy Scouts I am sure this will be the Troop he will attend. I am looking for a well run, stable, fiscally responsible, FUN, excited leadership Pack that will transition well into the Boy Scout Troop in question. I know I am asking a lot, but he is my son. Thanks for any information.

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    Talk to the boys or adult leaders in your church's troop. Ask them which pack(s) their cross-overs come from. Visit those.

    As to the finding the perfect leader for your boy, there's this thing called a mirror. I suggest you and your spouse stand in front of it and see which one is ready for some fun times!


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      My Wife and I are both ready and willing to have fun times with my son in Scouting. We do a lot of fun things on our own now. We just need help finding the right group.


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        If you haven't already, visit, click on "Cub Scouts" and enter the zip codes for Hendersonville & Gallatin. This will give you a list of Packs in those towns, and most should have a contact at the Pack (note some are located at Churches that are of different faiths so you may not consider those suitable). They may not start meeting until September, but I agree with qwasze that visits are important.

        Does your son have friends that want to join Scouts? Sometimes it makes it easier to have a friend along for the ride if you're not joining a school-based Pack.