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    Hello. I'm having a slight issue with the role of Den Chief. I am currently CC for a Pack and was previously the CM and the SM for the local Troop. At the beginning of the year we requested Den Chiefs from the Troop to assist our DLs. No one stepped forward (the previous year, we had four).
    The Troop recently had elections for POL and selections for POR. One Star Scout was not selected for any position and his parents complained to the SM, who refused to change the SPL's selections for POR (and rightfully so). The parents then said they would just have their son serve as a DC, in that case. As the SM, I had issues with this Scout being a bully, not wearing his uniform properly, not knowing his skills, etc (most of his advancement occured after I left the Troop).
    The parents went direct to a DL and requested their son be his DC (five months into the program). He showed up at the Den meeting this week (I only know this because one of my sons is in the Den). This Scout, and his family, are focused on him winning (not necessarily earning) Eagle.
    I am of the belief a DC should serve the Den for the entire year (though not directly stated in literature I can find) and should not just come in late in the program for POR credit for advancement.

    First, what are the opinions of others in this forum, and second, can the Pack CC or CM deny the Scout the role of DC?? Thank you!!!

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    I would think a DL can ask a DC not to come around if they are not fulfilling their responsibilities as DC. No DL HAS to have a DC. It's a nice thing when it works out and a real pain if it doesn't.

    I always requested my DC's to serve for a full year, but the choice still theirs. I know of none of my boys ever leaving the Cub DL hanging and in a couple of cases the DC served 2 years with "his" boys.

    If the DL dumps his DC, the first call is to the SM to let him know the clock has stopped on this boy's POR time.



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      If the DC and the DL are happy with the arrangement and things are working good, then that's a positive for everyone. But if you've had a history with this boy and have some concerns, you should let the DL know that he is not required to keep the DC if it is not working out.


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        What others said. Except, I would have been happy to have a revolving series of 4 and 6 month den chiefs, as long as they were able to fulfill the POR to my satisfaction as a DL. The DCs I have mentored from the troop side have initially committed to a short stint, and about half wanted to continue much longer.