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Trip to Wetlands

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  • Trip to Wetlands

    Hi Everyone.

    I just started helping out with our pack and I scheduled a trip to the wetlands area. The trip is a guided tour where they start off showing the kids things from the wetlands such as snake skin, skeletons, animal tracks, and other things. Then they go on a hike looking for the various things.

    The kids are tigers thru bears. No WEBLOS.

    I would like for the kids who go to get something for the trip. What would they qualify for? The dens have not been doing other activities related to the trip.

    Thanks for the help.

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    All Ranks (will do some steps at least):
    Hiking Belt Loop
    Collecting Belt Loop
    Conservation Belt Loop
    Science Belt Loop

    Tigers and Bears seem to have some Tiger/Bear badges to complete and all ranks should have electives to complete, just look through the lists here:


    • King Ding Dong
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      Be careful with the collecting belt loop as many wildlife areas get wigged out if you as much as take a pebble from the property. The science belt loop requires running through the scientific method, but may be applicable.

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    Each rank has requirements and electives. Going on hikes and the type of learning activities about nature and generally in each level, so you need to thumb through the books and find them or use the websites I list later. I don't see awards that can be earned just by this trip as described, but the activities can certainly be applied to the hiking and wildlife conservation belt loops and pins. Also the outdoor activity award and the wildlife conservation award apply. If this event takes place in June, July or August and is a full pack event (including Webelos if you have them). It could qualify as one event for the National Summertime Pack Award.

    If you look those up and talk to your guide you may be able to modify the program slightly to fulfill other requirements of the awards. Although most Conservation Guides know all the scout requirements very well. and have details on all the awards I mentioned and printable worksheets the cubs can use. Bookmark those two sites as they are excellent references for requirements and awards. You will smash your monitor in frustration trying to find stuff at

    If your pack is into patches, you can always find a patch to match just about any activity you can think of. Google scout patches. There is no shortage of companies that have hundreds or thousands of different patches for sale. The scout shop will have a small selection. If you are a wealthy pack you can even design your own and have it made.

    Check with your Cubmaster or Committee Chair or advancement coordinator about pack policy on funding these awards. Our pack does cover most awards but not the belt loops and pins. Be aware some awards like Leave No Trace can cost upwards of $5 each. That adds up fast when you have a whole pack earning them. You do not want to get stuck with the bill. You can go to for official patches and look up the price of the various awards, it is usually the same as in the scout shop. Beware official BSA sites are slow and not well organized.

    Good luck.


    • King Ding Dong
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      Look at the requirements for Leave No Trace, as they can use the LNT principles on this outing and apply it to the award. You can sometimes add seemingly unrelated awards on a trip like this like the Good Manners belt loop. If you plan it right they could come home with a fistful of awards and drive your treasurer nuts.