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Fire Station Tour for Webelos

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  • Fire Station Tour for Webelos

    Ok, so our Pack does some "rotation tours", bouncing between the fire station and police station, newspaper office and public access TV studio.

    So this year I have Webelos 1's, and we're going to the Fire Station, and I'm wondering if there are any Webelos-specific requirements I should to focus on for my den. I don't really want to go head-on into Readyman (I haven't looked at that one, I was holding it off until we start doing Webelos 2 things).

    We've finished Fitness and Citizen (except for boys completing their meal schedules and chore list/schedules.). We did Traveler, so "take a trip to a place that interests you" might apply (barely), but we did far more interesting trips already this summer.

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    Even though you don't wish to dive in to the Readyman - requirements 12 & 15 fit in nicely with a Fire Station visit. 12 - Explain how to use items in a first aid kit and 15 - attend a first aid demonstration.


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      I agree with doing Readyman.

      Talk to the EMT's at the firehouse and have them help.

      The boys have all ready done the standard tour, by having them focus on Readyman you give them something new, informative, and FUN to do this time around.

      Why wait until next year?


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        Why does absolutely everything have to complete a requirement or be tied to advancement???

        Go have fun,


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          Fun will be had, I just don't want to turn around a few months from now and say, "OK, we're doing this activity again, but THIS time, we need to do/talk about/complete..."