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  • Gift for den leader

    My den is in its last year of cubscouts, going on to boy scouts. Thinking about a gift for our wonderful den leader, it was suggested for everyone to contribute $100 to get him and his wife a night away at a spa. The total cost of this is about $600-$700. I dont think this gift is in keeping with the scout spirit and have said so. Now the situation is very difficult.

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    While I can appreciate the good intent, $100 seems quite steep of a contribution in my opinion. I live in a fairly well off area, and I think most parents around here would balk at that much money.

    Interesting this was brought up, since I have been thinking of what to do next year for my webs den leader once they cross over. All I had in mind was ask for a contribution of around $20 from each parent and buy a restaurant gift certificate. Plus flowers for his wife as a thanks. I think people discount the wives' contributions sometimes

    A spa night (while very nice) seems over the top to me.


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      I would never even think of asking families for a donation of that scale. As a leader, I wouldn't want something like that. What do you do if someone can't come up with that kind of money? Not put their name on the card? I think a gift card for dinner would be about the limit if you really wanted to do something of monetary value.

      Have them make a book of memories with pictures, patches, or other mementos from all the Cub years, and messages from the boys. It's something they could hang onto forever and remind them long afterward.


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        Blancmange has the right idea. Something equally heartfelt, but more reasonable seems like a good compromise.

        And gee whiz, in the current economic climate, is there no one else in your den that has an issue with this? At crossover, a parent is already facing: patrol yearly dues, summer camp dues, equipment replacement, and who knows what all else, and they want you to fork another $100??. Good grief, I am already stressing out about it and I have a whole year before this happens.


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          HOLY QUACAMOLE!!!!!!!!!!!

          Follow the KISS Principle, Keep Is Simple Silly.

          Depending upon what the DL will be doing would be what I would gift.

          If he is moving up to Scouts, Something he can use would be nice.

          I love my Smokey Bears.

 S&C3=UHATS&C4=&LV=3&item=501CH&prodid=501CH^8^01RT L&

          but know it's a bit pricey.

          A another nice hat is the Expedition hat, aka Brimmed hat (sorry I've been a around to long and sometimes call things by their orignial names).


          With both you will need an Adult hat pin


          Other nice useful gifts could be some camping gear like a camelback, Scout Stave (especially one made by his Cubs), SM book, large camping coffee cup, or a nice camping chair.

          Camp chair and coffee cup are great ideas as they remind the new adult leader that now he needs to sit back, enjoy his coffee, and let the scouts do all the work


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            I think about all the people who have volunteered in the course of my childrens lives and have made a great impact. They are all wonderful and very deserving, how can you give each person what they deserve? You can't. This isn't the only activity my kids are involved in.
            I am so sad that our cubscouting is ending this way. I so strongly feel that this gift is inappropriate on many levels, but I seem to be alone. It has been suggested that I contribute what I can towards it. But it isn't about the money. Even if I could afford it, I feel this gift is just too extravagant.


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              Scout Stave (especially one made by his Cubs)
              That's a great idea! In case you're not familiar with those: (with thanks to Kudu)(This message has been edited by The blancmange)


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                I was given a Scout stave this year by my son's Den (I'm the CM) and I absolutely love it. Better than any night at a "Spa". OMG...Spa? Save it for the girl Scout leaders. LOL


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                  If they are wanting to spend that kind of money on a gift, they had better be DARNED sure the recipients will appreciate and use it.

                  In 7 years as a den leader, I got token thanks gifts from the Pack each year (corsage for B&G, tote bag, etc) and two small Christmas ornaments from one family.

                  Watching the kids grow and learn and experience things they did not get at home was far better thanks than a pricey gift.

                  I have never been a "girly" girl and a trip to the spa sounds awful! I would far rather go for a hike with a dinner at the restaurant near the trail head!


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                    Need to edit and cannot. last sentence should read

                    Camp chair and coffee cup are great ideas as they remind the new BOY SCOUT (caps to show edit) leader that now he needs to sit back, enjoy his coffee, and let the scouts do all the work.

                    Also I agree a SPA is to "girly girl," and like the idea of a gift certificate to a resteraunt is nice.

                    A photo album was album was given to me when I left my troop back in the day. THAT WAS AWESOME, and later turned into some great "blackmail" photos when I started a troop FB group and posted a few. LOL


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                      Upon my "retirement" as a DL, I was given a card with a restaurant certificate with enough for a nice dinner with my wife, but not enough for me to want to take the kids along. (perfect) I've gotten a couple other nice token gifts over the years. The best was a Gerber multi-tool.

                      Our old pack has a tradition of giving a hiking staff to leaders who are "aging out" and moving up to Boy Scouts.

                      Due to a forced job change, we had to completely leave both troop and pack and move out of state. They got me a special retirement gift of a handmade staff with the troop number engraved on it and an awesome framed poster of a Cub Scout saluting a ROnald Reagan campaign poster. In our new home, we had the opportunity to start up a new troop about 3 months ago. We were able to get the same number as our old troop, so the hiking staff fits right in.


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                        The situation is going to get even more difficult if your den leader does not want a spa getaway (I really don't know of any men that would). Or feels uncomfortable with a gift that expensive (I know I sure would be).

                        What on earth were they thinking?

                        Is this a normal type of gift in your Pack?


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                          island, that gift is way too extravagant in my opinion.

                          The best gift would be some public and final recognition about the service the DL has put in over the years. Something that involves specific anecdotes from scouts and family who have worked with him over time. "Remember the time..."

                          A picture of the Den signed by the boys and families, a handmade item of some sort--anything would be more appreciated (by me at least) than an expensive gift that doesn't last. I'd be very uncomfortable receiving a gift like the one being proposed, and unwilling to contribute to it.


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                            As a den leader, I would be horrified if the parents had chipped in to get me a $600 gift, especially if they essentially wasted their money on something (such as a visit to a "spa") that was of absolutely no interest to me.

                            Just out of curiosity, I wouldn't be too surprised to learn that one of the parents who is promoting this gift (or a close friend or relative) is perhaps a commissioned salesperson for said spa.

                            If the families in my den chipped in to buy a McDonald's gift card, I would be very happy. If they chipped in a similar amount to buy something that I particularly wanted, I would be even happier. If they chipped in to buy a $100 gift, I would be very moved. But again, much beyond that point, as a recipient, I would be horrified at their excess.

                            On the other hand, if everyone at chips in to send me $600 cash, I will gladly accept it. But please, just send the cash, and I'll pick out the spa myself.


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                              As a scouter the best gift you could give me is spending that money on your son, so when he is on his first troop outing he is properly equipt. That way I can quit hauling around all that extra gear of unprepared scouts.

                              Your gift is out of line.