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Need help with Circus skits any ideas??

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  • Need help with Circus skits any ideas??

    We are doing our Circus pack meeting in April and we need a skit for our Den they are Wolfs. I have no idea on what to have them do. I was not inpressed with what the book suggested.
    Any ideas GREATLY appreciated.
    Thans to all.

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    Two of my favorites - the Blanket Tossing Team and Fred the Trained Flea could be appropriate.


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      Here are some quick, funny gags that can be put into just about any show, or combined with other gags. These may also be useful as Scout meeting skits, classroom assignments, etc.

      Funny Handshakes
      This was made famous by the Marx Brothers. Whenever two clowns meet, they hold out their hands as though to shake hands, then lift their legs up into the others hand and shake each other's ankles.

      Walking the Tightwire
      Clown enters carrying the rope, an umbrella, a blindfold, and wearing a tu-tu. On stage are two chairs. He ties the rope to the back of each chair, then pulls them apart until the rope is tight. The clown now puts on the blindfold, (but loosely, so he can easily see by looking down his nose.) Now he needs the umbrella, but with the blindfold on, he can't find it. Fumble around for it, and when you finally find it, open it up. However, he is holding the umbrella the wrong way, and it opens up in his face, which knocks him backwards.

      Finally get it right. Now he steps onto the chair, and tries to walk on the rope, but the chair falls. He goes over to the next chair, steps up onto it, and tries again. This chair also falls. Both chairs are fallen with the rope draped between them, sitting on the ground. Now it is an easy matter to walk the tight rope, but the clown still makes it look difficult. Get to the other side and bow for your applause.

      The Highly Trained Flea
      Clown trainer offers to show a clown spectator a trained flea for only five dollars, which is paid. Clown spectator is asked to hold the flea's jacket, boots, and hat, which he does. Now the flea does many amazing tricks, such as jumping from one hand to the other, doing back flips, etc. There is actually no flea, only the Clown trainer using his eyes and head "watching" how the flea is moving (pantomime).

      When the flea is finished, clown trainer applauds, then slowly realizes that he just squashed the flea. He starts crying and acting very sad. Clown spectator is not upset in the least and he says he never believed there was a flea in the first place. Clown trainer pauses, and asks "Then why are you holding the flea's clothing?" Clown spectator gets angry, throws the flea's clothes down on the floor, and stomps off. Clown trainer smiles, then takes a big wad of five dollar bills from his pocket and counts all his money as he walks away.

      Clown First Aid
      At some point a clown pretends to get hurt, and two other clowns come on with a stretcher to take him away. However, the stretcher is just two broom sticks with a blanket laid on top of them. Lay stretcher down, roll patient onto stretcher, then pick up stretcher and walk off. The gag is, the blanket from the stretcher, and the patient, stay on the ground while the two clowns walk off with just the poles.

      This is very funny with ambulance driver type jackets, siren sound effects, flashing lights, and frantic, hurried movements. A scout troop here in Atlanta wore hats with battery powered sirens on top. Very funny!

      Running Gag
      This means it is done throughout the show, the first part near the beginning, the second in the middle, and the third near the end.

      1: Clown walks onstage with a case of soft-drinks (empty cans in cardboard box.) Another clown (or show MC, scoutmaster, teacher) says... "Where are you going with those?" Clown replies "I'm taking my case to court."

      2: Clown walks on again with a case of soda and a small ladder. Other clown asks "Where are you going now?" First clown replies... "I'm taking my case to a higher court."

      3: First clown enters with empty cardboard box. Other clown asks "What now?" First clown replies "I lost the case."