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Who runs District Committee when Chairman steps down ?

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  • Who runs District Committee when Chairman steps down ?

    Our district chairman has stepped down.

    I thought I read that either the District Commissioner, or the District Executive temporarily steps in to do his duties..? or is it someone else ?

    can anyone point me to the place where is says who does what when the District Chairman resigns/steps down ?

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    Seem to remember reading someplace that if there isn't a Vice-Chair the District Nominating Chair steps in until a new Chair is selected.
    Most times one of the other District Chairs will take the job on a temp basis.
    The District Commissioner and the DE should never take on the job.
    Commissioners need to take care of units and DE's have their own agenda.


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      In my district, it would be our Vice-Chairman, as outlined in the Handbook for District Operations (see p. 7)

      Unfortunately, all the other literature I can find is silent as to what to do. I assume you convene the nominating committee in a special meeting, and fill the vacancy ASAP, but I'm not sure how, absent a special meeting of the district (incluing Charter Reps and Members at Large).


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        Per our CEx.... it is the District Commissioner...

        since the District Chairman is a volunteer, then the DC is the next highest volunteer... temporarily taking the position.


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          I've seen it where the Vice chair takes over.

          I've seen it where the District commissioner does a fair bit of the job.

          And I knwo I had to do a very large share of the job when my Chair resigned when I was a DE.

          "Ashes to ashes
          Dust to dust,
          When volunteers don't
          Professionals must."


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            It's not like they're carrying the nuclear football.... How long does it take to get a new one? Is it a big deal who runs the committee meetings for a coule months?


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              Depending upon the situation, yes it is a big deal. In the situation I was one, a lot of the go to people in the community to be Chair would not do it b/c of relations with the SE and DFS. One person asked if the SE was still SE, and when I said yes, was told "H377 NO!

              However, they did have a champagne party I am told when the SE left, and those folks got back involved when the DFS followed shortly thereafter.