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Anyone ever used the Volcano 2 stove or have a reccomendation?

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  • Anyone ever used the Volcano 2 stove or have a reccomendation?

    One of my friends swears by his Volcano 2 stove. After looking at their website ( I just didnt have enough information. I liked the ability to use multi-fuels, that it collapses and comes pretty much complete. Anyone know anything about this stove or have a reccomendation? I want something that is smallish and relatively portable.

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    My Troop was just talking about these on Monday. And asking the same question you had stated.

    I saw a few demonstration models being used at "The Outdoor Adventure Place" during Jamboree. The Volcano and Volcano 2 appear to be pretty nice. Elevates the heat off the ground, and free standing. As well as directing the heat inwards towards a dutch oven (or a skillet may be placed on top). They seem to collapse just slightly, by placing the top hemisphere into the lower hemisphere of the oven. But like anything that burns wood, charcoal or cooking food on; cleaning may become a chore for one of these Volcano ovens.

    I'm actually interested in picking up one myself. But I just don't like the current price tag (plus S&H).

    Hopefully you (we) do receive some more feedback about the Volcano and Volcano 2.

    Scouting Forever and Venture On!
    Crew21 Adv


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      I decided to suck it up and order one. I ordered the Volcano 2. I saw one on ebay but decided I didnt want to wait till the end of the auction. Well take it out and give it a test drive as soon as I get it.


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        I imagine a few Scouters have used the Volcano or Volcano 2. But maybe not that many on this forum.

        A few Scouters I know always joke, its all about the gadgets. My wife and I have had a few fellow Scouters drool over one of our tents and some of our camping gear. But then we go to other camporees and see some of the other newest gear some fellow Scouters are carrying. (Then add it to our Christmas "Camping equipment" wish list)

        Sometimes at camporees, it is like being at trade show in Las Vegas. Scoutmasters are looking over other Troop's tents, water boiler, cookers, and gear. Asking what works best, what keeps you dry, what cleans up the easiest.

        Please post back to this forum how the Volcano 2 works. I might have to add it to my wish list for this next year.

        Scouting Forever and Venture On!
        Crew21 Adv


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          Volcano (I got the Volcano 2) came last Friday. Decided to try some basic Dutch Oven cooking. I used 15 briquettes and cooked some shepards pie with it. It was cooked right and when I was done I turned it over, tapped out the ashes and with a couple of towels, wiped it out. Be aware that it comes with some preservative oil or something on it and the first time you light it up, you get some smoke. The second time we used it, no problem. So far I really like the stove, It opened easily, was fairly intuitive to use and seems like a good addition the "stuff". Ill keep after it and try something more fancy and stack an oven this coming weekend see how that works.


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            I use the volcano2 all the time. I actually use it for my Scouts regularly and for my business. For my scouts, we regularly bring it to meetings and do dutch oven whatever. As a matter of fact, next month, the scouts will be doing a dutch oven cookoff. The leaders get to judge.

            When we are done, I can quickly dump the ashes out in a safe location, collapse the stove down, and within just a few minutes, put the gear in my Durango and head out. We can do wood, charcoal, or propane just about anywhere without a trace. It certainly isn't for backpacking, but it is a remarkable piece of technology.

            In my business, we teach preparedness at My business partner actually shows dutch oven cooking in the volcano ii. It's a great tool to have at home or with scouts.


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              This looks VERY cool. When we go to district camporees we can't have fire rings or pits in our sites so we either use stoves (fine for cooking but not a place to gather after dark) or we put a trash can lid on bricks and build a fire. This looks like a much more artful approach. The compatibility with a Dutch Oven is a real plus.

              Thanks for the tip!


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                I just saw this post.. (being a newbie) and I work for Volcano Corp. I thought you would want to know that we are giving away a Volcano II every quarter in 2009.

                If this is the wrong place to post this.. my apologies in advance.


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                  I actually own both the Volcano and the Volcano 2 because I think they're just the best out there. I, like Scuba Diver, like using them with the Dutch Ovens...its really like having a kitchen outdoors. I prefer the Volcano 2 with the propane attachment because then you have everything in one unit. Theres a ton of info available on all the different types of Volcano stoves here: very very helpful.


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                    thanks for this, I have a dutch oven cookbook that talks about the valcano but didn't know where to get one, we are in a burn ban and the parks only allow charcoal bricketts, fully contained, I love dutch ovens, I want one


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                      My son's troop has one V2 for every patrol. Only needed two tomake scrambled eggs and hash browns for 50 at a camporee where they were doing troop cooking. Hooked up to propane, it was almost just like cooking on a gas stove.


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                        Thanks for this thread! This is going on my wish list!