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When is it Camping, and when is it just "Hanging out outdoors"?

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  • When is it Camping, and when is it just "Hanging out outdoors"?

    The previous thread about the BALOO requirement brought out some distinctions that might profit from some further delineations.

    Here's how I breakdown the camping (maybe I have it right? Maybe not? Do all of these exist?) YPT assumed....

    * 1) Scout Camping: By Patrol (KUDU's 300 feet), Troop (adults in the midst and large cooking arrangements), hike in, backpack in, self contained.
    *1A)Stop and Drop (drive the trailer up and disgorge what is needed).
    * 2) Webelos camping. Parents in tow? Adults nearby? See above.
    * 3) Pack Camping BALOO required? Dens? Cubs with parents? Activities planned? Scout-like planning and "being Prepared".
    * 4) Scout Family Camping Cubs and family and whoever wants to come . Not "roughing it" in the least. Activities may may/not be planned, Scout oversight assumed, though.
    * 5) Family Camping: The family(ies) go together and NO Scout oversight is present or assumed. Go and do what ever folks want.....

    * 6) Hybrid: Troop arranges for families to join Scouts in a special trip (like to a beach park), but the parents and siblings know the Scout will be with his Patrol/Troop mostly. Adults plan and cook and arrange things as the "old goat Patrol" or some such.


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    Originally posted by SSScout View Post

    * 1) Scout Camping: By Patrol (KUDU's 300 feet), Troop (adults in the midst and large cooking arrangements), hike in, backpack in, self contained.

    If the Patrol System was included in the "mountaintop experience" of Boy Scout training, the 300 foot minimum distance between Patrols would be commonly known as "Baden-Powell's 300 feet."

    You are correct to list Boy Scout camping as a subset of Cub Scout camping. For Camping Merit Badge to qualify as a Boy Scout award in Baden-Powell's program, it would require "scouting" (lower case) in his military sense of the word (the ability to move miles through the back woods):

    1) Patrol Scouting: Scoutcraft learned in at least monthly Patrol Hikes and/or Patrol Campouts (in common with Green Bar Bill's "Real" Patrols).

    2) Individual Scouting: The Scoutcraft of each rank tested by a solitary or buddy backpack or canoe "Journey" without adult supervision.


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      Every second of every day is scheduled for these guys.....

      It is good for them to go hangout with their patrol....

      Did I mention I really hate Cub Family camping....It sets the stage for Cub Scout troops, you know the ones, The parents plan family troop vacations. Big long expensive trips. To me it just blurs what scouting is supposed to be about...... Look at Follow me Boys, Do you think old Lem would load the troop up and haul them to Yosemite or the grand canyon????? Nope.

      Where did the core of the program go????? A group of fellows similar in age that like to hike, camp and hangout together, simply a Patrol.


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        Boys simply do not have time to "hang out" at camp any more.

        Every activity youth are involved in these days must have a clearly defined outcome--an objective with awards, trophies, and things to put on a college resume. This has spilled to scouting and its frenetic quest for advancement. The question is no longer when are we going camping, but WHY?

        Youth are not only over-scheduled, they are over-specialized. If you're not in a sport by the time you're 10 it's much, much too late. At the same time, participation in youth sports have taken a nose dive, particularly in baseball, as the emphasis on specialization has increased.

        By high school, 70 percent of youth no longer participate in a sport they had when they were younger. Participation peaks when youth are 11. Do you see a parallel to scouting? At least our program doesn't have a 70 percent drop-off.

        This is also behind the death of scoutcraft in the program. Parents--who ultimately have always made the decision as to whether their sons can be part of the program--simply don't see the value. But they do see the value of a merit badge patch or rank badge.


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          Basementdweller commented
          Editing a comment
          The campout last weekend went from a orienteering competition to camp games..... They hung out around the campfire.....hung out in the patrol sites and went down to the creek and played beaver for 3 hours.... We never did do the orienteering.....

          But they had fun and want to do it again on the same weekend next year.

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        My answer Camping Over Night at Least 1 Night..
        Hanging out in the Woods You go home and sleep at home.
        Not Every Troop/Pack has the same Camping style...Not Every Camp site Allows 300 feet between Patrols..
        Not Every Camping Trip has to have First Call, Morning Muster, Uniform/Equipment Inspections, Mess Call, Opening and Closing Flag Ceremonies, Lights out and Taps Bugle Calls.
        In the Early days of Scouting they carried Tarps and Cut down trees to Make Shelters, We can't now days
        Camping in the 1910's wasn't the same as it was in 1810 so why should Camping in 2010's be the same as it was in 1910's.
        Equipment has Changed..
        Is it Camping if you sleep in a Fancy Ultralight Backpack tent while it ain't Camping in a Large Baker Tent from the 1800's
        Is it still considered Camping when your forced to cook on propane stoves instead of a Ground Wood fire because your Area is in a Drought and there is a Burn Bam in effect?
        Is it still camping if you cook and eat Dehydrated foods instead of hunting it down killing it, skinning it and then cooking it without utensils?

        Do I consider it Camping if you take a Fancy Rv out and enjoy the Outdoors by sitting around a Campfire talking with friends, listening to the Sounds of Nature and doing things like Fishing Canoeing, Roasting MarshMallows..yes
        Do I consider it Camping if you take a Fancy RV out and sit around blairing Music, Watching Satalite Tv, Playing Video Games and not enjoying Nature ..No