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Unexpected rewards

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I've written in this forum before about about what I observe as a lack of any type of religious connection in so many youth and families.


I had an opposite suprise the other night when one of my scouts called and asked if I would be his confirmation sponsor (we're both RC). I said yes, of course, and told him it was quite an honor that he would select me. Later I spoke with his dad about it, concerned that maybe the family prefered that a relative be his sponsor. The dad said they didn't have any relatives that went to church, so his son thought he's ask his scoutmaster, and they supported his decision.


I am personally very proud that one of my scouts felt he could ask me to do this, but I also think it's a tribute to scoutmasters everywhere. It kind of says how much a scoutmaster means to some of these kids, and how we can impact them in some unexpected ways.


I'm sure many other scoutmasters have had similar tributes, and I just thought I'd pass this one along.

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