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asm 411

Contemplating the patrol method and one hour a week

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So if we look at the one hour a week thing as interactions with Scouts and we are using the Patrol Method then here is how it seems to break down:


Pre-PLC meeting with SPL 10 minutes to review his agenda.

PLC meeting 1 minute for Scoutmasters minute

11 minutes


Pre-weekly meeting with the SPL about

10 minutes to review his agenda.

~20 minutes for two Scoutmaster Conferences

1 for Scoutmasters minute

4x31= 124 minutes



20 minutes at most to review the agenda with SPL

At the each Campout

12 minutes in ~2 minutes chunks for guiding the SPL ~6 times

32 minutes total


So that would be (11+124+32) = 167 minutes

167 minutes/60 minutes per hour = ~2.1 hours


So even in February which has only 4 weeks most of the time the Scoutmaster should have 1.9 hours for other one on one Scout interactions like looking up Merit Badge Councilors and what not.


I don't why everyone says being a Scoutmaster takes so much time. Seems to me there is plenty of free time at meetings and campouts to do other stuff. :)




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Yah, I know an Eagle Scout local businessman, very reliable and generous FOS donor. He sat down one weekend with the stats from an average, not particularly large, not overly active troop. He figured out that the SM in such a setup is doin' the equivalent of being CEO of a $100K per year small business. He claimed that for larger or more active troops, the numbers get pretty staggering. I have no reason not to believe him, the man is a very successful businessman and "numbers guy."


And this was some years ago, eh? Probably be even higher numbers now.





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Now that I have been SM for most of a year, I have an addition to the old adage, "one hour, per week, per scout."

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