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Thanks guys and gals

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It's been a long time since I posted. We started the new troop, and noticed some 'quirkiness' with our new chartered org.


It went downhill from there. Talk about out of the frying pan and into the fire.


I tried to hold things together... but I was playing by a different set of rules... see... I don't lie to make myself look good and others look bed. Others, even in scouts, don't have that issue.


What I completely don't understand is the power trip some people get in being the top dog in the volunteer side of the organization.



Since we came over they have now fired 3 leaders, in the last 4 months, one of those leaders being myself, and 2 other transfer leaders.


Why? Well... that is the part we can't get an honest answer on. Then they lied to the parents, multiple times. The reasons vary, but none of them are founded on anything other than they don't like us (leaders that came over with more experience) because they are intimidated by us.


Why? I don't know, that part I can't figure out.


But, your post have shown me it isn't worth figuring out, just letting them be, and if they bother me, moving away.


The good news... we don't have these kinds of problems with the troop.

The bad news... its the chartered org that has the presence in the pack and that is doing this.


But.. I just read thru a lot of post, and there is one thing I would like to say.




I see that it isn't worth the time to argue with the knotheads, if they decide to fire me and mine from the scout positions we will just move the troop, or the boys. they have managed to ruin my boys webelos year by firing his den leader (told to shut up about youth protection or get out), who he really liked.


Again, thank you... I see what I have to do. they will burn out, and fade, and if they leave me alone, we will be just fine in the troop. just to add, at first I thought it was me, then with the last leader they were pretty much fired by email. that's when we had proof. of course, it doesn't mean anything anyway, except that we know it wasn't us now. That is a nice thing to know.


It is so true, scouts would be a lot more fun without the parents.


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I find it amazing that 2 Packs, 2 Troops, and 2 Charter Organizations, were all so intimidated by the great way you ran the units that they "fired" you, and lied to all of the parents in the units.


Perhaps you should look for some good units for your sons to join, and take a break from leadership for a while.


Good Luck.

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Okay. 1 pack for starting a new troop, 1 pack for making the phonecall about a boy being dehydrated and needing to go home.


No troops


chartered org in second unit is part of the pack (like dual roles in the top 5 positions) 3 leaders removed in the past 4 months by them.(This message has been edited by concscouter)

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BTW, that was a sincere thank you to everybody.


And yeah, if anything else happens I will definately be walking away. But with what is coming next, I doubt that will happen. I think with everything it will be able to be worked out. At least I hope so, I've dealt with enough.


I never mentioned this was a troubled unit to start with... hopefully now they are getting the help they need to deliver the program.

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