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Hi Everyone,


my name is Rob Potschka and I am a Leader in Oxford Mills, Ontario, a small town outside of Ottawa Ontario. I have created a web site for the Scouting Movement Worldwide to help Leaders with the management of Badges. I welcome you to check it out at www.formthis.com. I currently have Leaders from Australia, Belgium, Canada, England, Ireland and Wales using the system.


Can anyone point me to a web site that has the Badges and Requirements in electronic format for the USA? I have the Badges loaded but would like to add the Requirements.


The system has a Badge Hierarchy built-in so that a Parent and Scout can view Badges and the Requirements online. As mentioned check out the site, click Login and try the Demo account. It has Inventory control, creates Membership Cards, does not record any Personal Information, allows a Parent to transfer Badge History between Sections or transfer it to another City, State, Country!


It's the most innovative Online Badge Management applicaiton available to Scouts with a few more bells and whistles coming online in the next few months.




Rob Potschka (aka Baloo)

1st Oxford Mills Cubs



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