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You are so full of your self rightgeous self Bob there is no getting thru to that narrow little mind of yours. I really do feel sorry for you, you quote from a book yet you have very little practical knowledge about what being a scouter is all about. Your pathetic attempts to denigrade me just proves to me what a little person you really are. In no way would I ever consider you to be a true scouter, if you really are one at all.

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Greetings BadenP


If you have knowledge of any BSA resource that contradicts the answer I supplied to the question you posed it would be helpful to all of us if you would name it.


Certainly with the few years experience you have had in the past when you were a professional scouter you know what the various resources are and can provide the one that supports your disagreement with me.


Thank you in advance



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Try starting with the adult application form, then try new leaders essentials syllabus, then try any leader handbook and you will find out for yourself just how pathetically untrue and simplistic your argument really is. Of course you would already know your statements were faulty if you really were a real scouter. You really are a piece of work Bobby.

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Thats excellent BadenP most all of us have a a leaders manual nearby I would think. So if you you would tell us where in any one of the manuals it contradicts what I posted and we will all look it up.


Page numbers aren't needed just tell us the chapter and we can check it out.



BW(This message has been edited by Bob White)

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