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Making new scouts feel welcome

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To update all on our recent crossing. We had 15 Boy Scouts there to welcome the new scouts and their parents. Full uniform and willing.


We did something not done before with the pack we crossed the parents after the boys crossed. Hope this will get some volunteers out of it. The scouts in the troop are starting to realize that it is up to them to help get new scouts for the troop and that is giving them 'ownership' of the troop.


The new scout patrol had their first troop meeting last monday and working with their Troop Guides elected their patrol leader and patrol staff. They also planned their menues for their first campout (this past weekend) and learned what gear they would need and how to dress for the overnight.


7 of the 8 new scouts attended the overnight and what an overnight. Saturday morning, cold and windy, snowed saturday night ( only 2 tents blown down, fortunately not the new scouts) Freezing temps saturday and sunday morning.


Fire building demos on saturday put on by the older scouts, showing that even in rain, snow and blowing wind a fire could be built. The NSP the Red Foxes also excelled in working together as a patrol, learning how to care for troop gear, cast iron and how to cook. They did so well that they edged out 4 other patrols for our Golden Skillet award for cooking and patrol method.


Asked if they had fun it was unanimous and their enthusiasm was high.


All credit goes to the other scouts in the troop that stepped up and worked hard to provide a positive scouting experience.


Made we realize (again) why I do this.



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