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The "program materials" he was referring to was actually just Venture stuff.


Little update-- We are working to reserve a spot at Blue Ridge Scout Reservation for next summer. 5 days of White Water rafting.


He has found a ASM that is willing to advise the patrol. Our SM said that he would love to advise the patrol, but he of course has other things to worry about.


He, the SPL, and I talked last night for a few minutes about what he wanted to see, etc


I've been elected as the new ASPL. In 6 months, I'll be the youth leader in charge of running our troop.

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Hops, I think you already know this, but for the good of the order I will say this anyway. As is being discussed in the "Handling Older Scouts" thread, the number one priority has to be to do things the group, not you or the ASM want to do. Hopefully you will do what you want, but the groups will has to be done or you will be alone.

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Thats what I thought. Hops you remember how we warned that there are Venturing Crews and Venture Patrols and to be careful not to confuse them?


Well your SM just confused them.


What he showed you is for a Venturing Crew, not a Venture patrol. They are totally different. You may want to find out exactly what your SM has in mind. Is he looking to start an entirely new unit, or a patrol for older more skilled scouts?


Read page 419 to 423 of the Boy Scout Handbook that explains the Venture Patrol program. A similar text is in the SM hHandbook. to my knowledge that is the only material outside of the individual activity books that talks about the Venture Patrol.




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If I remember correctly, there is a separate set of Program Features that provide plans in 3 month increments for Venture Patrols/Varsity Teams, just like the regular Troop Program Features. It lumps the Varsity Pins and Venture Pins all together and lets you wear the pins of either on a large "V" on your M.B. Sash. I think I saw this in the Scout Stuff Catalog that comes in the mail each year. Our Venture Patrol boys haven't run out of their own ideas yet, so they haven't looked into these.


We adults put one restriction on this group. That is, "with priviledge comes responsibility".


For instance, "Oh, you guys want to take your own hike, camp overnight, and meet back with us tomorrow afternoon? Great! We need to see a detailed plan to approve. Oh, and by the way, what teaching will you guys be doing for the younger boys in the meetings leading up to this campout?


They get the priveledge of their own fun and adventure, when they meet their responsibility of helping with the younger boys.


This was NOT and overnight transformation. It took about 2 years to get it to this point. We had the same problems with older boys not wanting to participate. It only takes 2 or 3 enthusiastic older boys to turn this into a reality. The more excited they get about it, the more excited the younger boys get about their future in this patrol. It is driving adventure and advancement far better than anything thwat was going on before.


Hope this helps.

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